Drag Queens vs Twinks in ‘Gay Fighter Supreme’ Video Game…Awesomeness!!!

OMGeee! This game is too cute! As with most app games these days, there’s tons of little fun thingies to ... See the Rest

Yes GAWD! RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dragopolis 2.0 Is Coming!

Good news! RuPaul's Drag Race: Dragopolis 2.0 is on its way! The sequel to the highly addictive, over-the-top smash hit video game will play differently than the original ... See the Rest

PS4: Oh, It’s Such a Perfect Commercial

The new PlayStation 4 commercial makes me cry EVERY TIME. The song, of course, is Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" and it'll do that to you, but the premise that two dudes' idea of a perfect day is spending it together, killing each other in various video games, is so sweet and so ... See the Rest

Braking Bad: Aaron Paul in the Driver’s Seat

Hot off the spectacular (we're guessing) Breaking Bad final finale (which hasn't aired yet), Jesse Pinkman's Aaron Paul scored the starring role in the feature film Need for Speed, playing a mechanic who races muscle cars on an unsanctioned circuit and, after doing time for a ... See the Rest

Flashback 1983: Insane Star Wars Arcade Video Game Commercial

... See the Rest

Meanwhile, at ComicCon (Day 1)

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Iron Man in 60 8-Bit Seconds

This animated version of the 2008 film is the pilot episode of the 8-Bit Cinema series from California filmmakers Norwood Cheek and David Dutton, who animate popular films into 60-second ... See the Rest

James Franco and Dave Franco Playing Video Games in the Early ’90s

We can't find an actual date for this photo, but judging soley by James' bleached curls we're ballparking it as early 90s. Things we love about this photo, other than the Franco boys themselves: the plethora of blue things, the random pile of clothes, James' exposed boxers, and ... See the Rest