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A Natural Beyoncé On Vacation

Beyoncé is on vaca with her hubby and daughter and one of the things I love about Bey is the fact that she not only shares her intimate pictures with ... See the Rest


My Nude Vacation: Day Three at the Island House in Key West

In which an aging, overweight NeverNude goes to a clothing optional resort and confronts his worst fears. ... See the Rest


Hayden Panettiere Loves the Nut (ella)

Can you imagine having this tub of Nutella anywhere near your home? It's like an addiction to begin with and this just fuels it for a very, very long ... See the Rest


Sofia Vergara Pops the Bootay

Making every straight man's heart skip a beat (well, the ones who follow her on twitter, which I am pretty sure not many straight men do) by baring ... See the Rest


Nobody Smashes Megan Hilty’s Fun Times

I know, that was punny, wasn't it? OK, so our little Ivy isn't letting our favorite show being cancelled affect her fun times with her boyfriend Brian ... See the Rest


Greetings from Bankok

Hiiiiieeee. I'm on my vacay in Thailand right now, going to drag shows in Bangkok where they have the best ladyboys EVER. Here's a pic from the ... See the Rest


On Vacation

I'm off for a few weeks, getting some well-deserved ME TIME. I'll try to post periodically, but really, I just want to unplug from the internet, avoid ... See the Rest


Blogging from Heaven

Sheesh, talk about close-minded. I have such  disdain for Sarah Palin that I think it affected my view of the entire 49th state. Well, jump back and ... See the Rest