#AboutFace: Uma Thurman On Her New Look; “I Guess Nobody Liked My Makeup”

Uma at "The Slap" premiere on Tuesday, left and at the BAFTA Awards in 2014

You may remember that the internet went nuts saying that Uma Thurman had gone under the knife after she appeared looking like this (above left). Wow's Adam Asea posed the question of her look "Is It Really That Dramatic?", and I got into a few heated online discussions myself. I'm not here to say "I told you so..." no, that's EXACTLY what this post ... See the Rest

#Transparent2: Is Bruce Jenner Ready For The World To See “Who He Really Is?”

EXCLUSIVE: Bruce Jenner shows off his long hair as he takes his Polaris RZR for a journey to a repair shop in LA

Yes, according to Us Weekly "Bruce Jenner IS ready for the world to see who he really is..." The former reality star, 65, taped an interview and is currently filming an unscripted E! reality series of his own about his “desire to look like a woman and live as one.” “It’s a docuseries featuring the Jenner family talking about Bruce ‘coming out.’ ... See the Rest

#SAGAwards: “Birdman, “Orange Is The New Black” & All The Other Winners


No HUGE surprises... "Birdman" took home the top prize at Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild Awards. Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu's comedy about a washed up actor –played by Michael Keaton– is now the presumed leader for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, inching ahead of critics' favorite "Boyhood". Excuse me, but I'll say "I told you so" now, and ... See the Rest

#OutInNYC: These Stars Are Just Like Us (But With More $$)

Hugh Jackman seen walking with his dog after a workout session at the gym in New York City

It warmed up over the weekend and lower Manhattan saw a few famous faces out and about. Nothing earth-shattering, but don't you like seeing (pictures of) people out walking around as themselves occasionally, instead of always on your TV & movie screens or styled up on the red carpet? The other day I saw a cute guy coming toward me from far away on ... See the Rest

Magic Channing: Tatum’s Sexy Stripper-Past Video Revealed!


Channing Tatum has talked a lot about his past work as a stripper. And we've seen his Magic Mike moves, recently saying that; "Being a stripper exposed me to a lot of people I might never have met, and that has turned out to be a gift. There are lots of characters I feel I can play as a result." Us Weekly just unearthed footage of an ... See the Rest

Legacy: Melissa Rivers’ (Funny!) Letter To Joan That She Read At Her Funeral


When it came time for Melissa to deliver the eulogy at her mother’s star-studded funeral on Sunday, she managed to find just the right words in a funny note she had written to her mother, which will be included in her upcoming book A Letter to My Mom, which will come out next April. Here’s the text of the note in full; "Mom, I received the ... See the Rest

Us Not Weakly: What Celebrity Mag Ran This Outrageous Cover?


None of them. It's a parody. Not one that I put together, but one I couldn't resist posting because; A. It's funny. B. I used to be the art director there! I've seen my share of parodies but this one is pretty on target. No specific news and scandal really but an overall fatigue with gossip weeklies is the theme. My one criticism? That ... See the Rest

The Boy Is Back!: George Chats With Ian Drew


Us Weekly's Ian Drew, sat down with Boy George to talk about stuff. Do I need to tell you who Boy George is/was? I doubt it. Along with Madge and Cyndi Lauper, Boy George and Culture Club was one of the trend-setting, "fashion" bands of the early 80s. Check out the interview, it's worth a look-see. (You know I used to work at Us and my old pal ... See the Rest