Is Tusk the Sickest Movie Since The Human Centipede?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Is Tusk the Sickest Movie Since The Human Centipede? - World of Wonder

Somewhere between Misery and The Human Centipede lies the new Kevin Smith torture porn flick Tusk, about a man who is kidnapped and turned into... a sexy walrus?  ... See the Rest

The 50 Shades of Grey Trailer Is Here, and, Holy Crap, They’ve Completely Neutered Jamie Dornan

Video thumbnail for youtube video The 50 Shades of Grey Is Here, and, Holy Crap, They've Gone and Completely Neutered Jamie Dornan - World of Wonder

The trailer for 50 Shades of Grey has arrived, featuring a positively fetal-looking Jamie Dornan. Seriously, why have they infantalized him by shaving off his beard? Jamie Dornan looks dead sexy with a beard. He slays with a beard. It's his best feature. It's 2014 – we are at peak beardiness as a culture. Not since the Edwardians have so many men ... See the Rest

The Trailer for Mommy Is Here

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The Cannes Film Festival favorite directed by 25-year-old French-Canadian cutie Xavier Dolan has a new trailer, and it looks incredibly promising. Mommy is the story of a widowed single mother, raising her violent son alone, who finds new hope when a mysterious neighbor inserts herself into their household. Watch the trailer ... See the Rest

First Look: Laggies

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A woman stuck in permanent adolescence lies to her fiancé about going on a retreat and spends the time hanging out with teenage friends instead. Starring Kiera Knightly as everybody I know, Chloe Grace Moretz, and the criminally underrated Sam Rockwell. Check out the trailer below. ... See the Rest

Life After Beth: A Horror/Comedy Starring Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan, and Molly Shannon? Yes GAWD!


The always humpy Dane DeHaan plays Zach, who is devastated by the unexpected death of his girlfriend, Beth (Aubrey Plaza). But when she miraculously comes back to life, Zach is excited to experience all the things he regretted not doing with her before. However, the newly returned Beth isn't quite how he remembered her and, before long, Zach's ... Watch Now

Must See Trailers: Mockingjay, The Strain, and The Last of Robin Hood

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Today's must-see trailers: A teaser for the new Hunger Games movie cleverly disguised as Panem propaganda, a featurette describing the new FX series The Strain, and Kevin Kline as an aging Errol Flynn in The Last of Robin Hood. ... See the Rest

Have You SEEN the Trailers for Lucy Yet?

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Scarlett Johannsson uses her brain in this new sci-fi flick by writer/director Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, La Femme Nikita). She plays Lucy, "a woman accidentally caught in a dark deal who turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic." She's amaaaazing. There's nothing she can't do. It's like ... See the Rest

Andrej Pejic Cast in Sophia Coppola’s Live-Action Little Mermaid Remake!

Andrej Pejic attending the Belvedere (RED) event held at Bagatelle in New York City

Well this could be interesting. The beyond-gorgeous supermodel is the first person cast in the live-action adaptation of the Disney classic/Hans Christian Anderson tale. She'll be playing Sister #4, which obviously isn't a pivotal role, but certainly bodes well for the rest of the casting process. Who will be Ariel? Who will be the ... See the Rest