Remember the name: Xavier Samuel

He plays Riley, the vampire leader of the Seattle Newborn Army, in Eclipse . You know: The one who emits "a tremendously foul stench towards others." But ... See the Rest

Loving John Mulaney

I couldn't watch Gabourey Sidebe on SNL over the weekend. It was the most awkward, cringe-inducing performance I've ever seen on the show. She out-January Jonesed January Jones! I switched away whenever she came on the screen. Except for the alarm clock sketch. That was brilliant ... See the Rest

luke grimes makes me feel dirty

I don't know anything about this 944 magazine – never even heard of it before. And I don't watch Brothers & Sisters, so this Luke Grimes is completely new to me. ... See the Rest

‘Butch Beat’ by Ab Soto: the hottest guy in hollywood. period

Ab Soto makes me squeal like a pigbottom. His fashion blog DirtyButtRocks documents the colorful, futuristic clubkid/banjee boy look he's sporting in this video (I love the Mickey Mouse hands and beer can outfit!). ... See the Rest