Remember the name: Xavier Samuel

He plays Riley, the vampire leader of the Seattle Newborn Army, in Eclipse . You know: The one who emits "a tremendously foul stench towards others." But you can check him out in the current issue of GQ looking like he smells of wet naps and talcum powder, and talking about his ... See the Rest

Loving John Mulaney

I couldn't watch Gabourey Sidebe on SNL over the weekend. It was the most awkward, cringe-inducing performance I've ever seen on the show. She out-January Jonesed January Jones! I switched away whenever she came on the screen. Except for the alarm clock sketch. That was brilliant ... See the Rest

luke grimes makes me feel dirty

I don't know anything about this 944 magazine – never even heard of it before. And I don't watch Brothers & Sisters, so this Luke Grimes is completely new to me. Therefore I wasn't exactly on the lookout for the new issue of 944 featuring Luke on its cover, but WOW, I'm ... See the Rest

‘Butch Beat’ by Ab Soto: the hottest guy in hollywood. period

Video thumbnail for youtube video 'Butch Beat' by Ab Soto: the hottest guy in hollywood. period - World of Wonder

Ab Soto makes me squeal like a pigbottom. His fashion blog DirtyButtRocks documents the colorful, futuristic clubkid/banjee boy look he's sporting in this video (I love the Mickey Mouse hands and beer can outfit!). His music is Friday night fabulous, and have I mentioned yet how ... See the Rest