A Unicorn Poops Rainbow-Colored Ice Cream While a Handsome Prince Explains How to Poop Properly in This Hysterical New Commercial

A new commercial for Squatty Potty features a magical pooping unicorn and a hunky prince with a charming British accent who explains that the proper pooping technique requires a stool to get your squat on. The modern day toilet is convenient, but has one major fault; it ... See the Rest

Miley’s Ring Is Back On

They are truly trying to work it out and are committed to doing so, at least that's what the rags are saying. It looks like that's the case because Miley's ... See the Rest

Another Rave Review for The World According to Wonder!

Josh from Walla Walla, Washington, writes to say: "One out of one unicorns approve of The World According to Wonder. The rest were eaten by Voldemort and were unavailable for comment. (loved the book btw)" Yay! Thanx, Josh! Glad to see the book is reaching its target audience! ... See the Rest

It’s a Look

How did I miss this? Gaga posted these pics of herself in unicorn drag to her Little Monsters website a couple of days ago. The photos were taken by Steven Klein for her upcoming album ARTPOP. Love it. There's also a pic of ... See the Rest


As if there weren't already enough reasons to have a mad crush on Slickitup hottie David Mason, he is a major RuPaul Drag Race fan.  On his blog House ... See the Rest

hottest man-on-stuffed-unicorn action you will ever see

Wow. Just wow. I cannot believe how turned on I am right now. I WANT TO BE THAT STUFFED UNICORN! I think I need a time-out. MUST WATCH BEASTIALITY VIDEO OF THE DAY! ... See the Rest

The Unicorn’s Prophecy

Can't think of a thing to say about this. ... See the Rest


Click the pink glittery unicorn on the left to understand why God made the Internets. You can actually cornify any website by dragging the following link to your ... See the Rest