Check Out Calvin Harris’ HUGE PACKAGE in the New Armani Underwear Ads – OH MY!

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Calvin seems determined that we view him as a sex symbol and not just a faceless deejay/record producer – which is perfectly OK with me. Here he is fairly popping out of his drawers in the new Armani ads. Explain to us again, Rita Ora, why you dumped him? Check out the video and ... See the Rest

Colby Keller Recites More Poetry in His Underwear! We See Bulge! #BirdWatching

Colby Keller

Artist, blogger, and hunk of a man, Colby Keller is back in an all-new episode of Package and Poetry! In this episode he recites D.H. Lawrence's "At The Window!" This episode not only features Colby reading new poetry, but he's also sporting a brand-new pair of undies! Click ... Watch Now

CAZWELL’s Got an “Ice Cream Truck” UNDERWEAR LINE!!!


Get into Cazwell's undies!!! Fashion designer Geoffrey Mac is collaborating with the NYC rapper on a new line of underwear, inspired by pygophiliacs (butt fetishists) and Cazwell's hit Ice Cream Truck song. “I love fashion for the same reason I love music,” says Cazwell. “There ... See the Rest

VOTE NOW for Your Favorite Calvin Klein Underwear Model OF ALL TIME!

Calvin Klein Models

I'm not going to hate on Justin for posing in his Underoos. He looks good. Head's a little bobbly. And he's doing that super-annoying puppydog face that Kate McKinnon does so well on SNL. But whatever. How does he stack up, though, to the Pantheon of other Calvin Klein underwear ... See the Rest

Watch Norway’s Curling Team Put On Their Pants… With No Hands… On Ice

Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch Norway's Curling Team Put On Their Pants... With No Hands... On Ice - World of Wonder

Norway's world champion curling team is famous for their vibrant matching pants (which have their own Facebook page), so Comfyballs boxers (!) challenged them to put on their pants – on the ice – without using their hands. The resulting jiggle-fest is our must-see video of the ... See the Rest

Finally! Underoos for Adults!

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No more surreptitiously lurking in the kiddie section of JC Penney, pawing through merchandise, looking for a pair of "husky"-sized Batman drawers. Now you can once again purchase the superhero undergarments of your youth! Superman! Wonder Woman! Batgirl! They're all available at ... See the Rest

Mesmerizing Must-See Video: Randy Blue Porn Stars Lip Dub Beyonce’s “Blow”

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Mesmerizing Must-See Video: Randy Blue Porn Stars Lip Dub Beyonce's "Blow" - World of Wonder

Absolutely ADORABLE. Randy Blue's high-spirited crew of porn stars lip sync for their lives to Beyonce's "Blow," while gyrating in multi-colored Calvin Kleins. And, trust me, there's someone for everyone here ... Watch Now

Tomorrow is Global No Pants Subway Ride Day

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If the prospect of sitting half-naked underground in a dark, humid and overcrowded tube with strangers sounds appealing, then by all means... Don’t get me wrong, I am all for public transportation, especially in a city like Los Angeles. But if the subway tomorrow is anything like ... See the Rest