Teen Wolf Hunks Try to Figure Out Gay Slang

At New York Comic Con, NewNowNext's intrepid reporter Matteo Lane hunt down the hunks of Teen Wolf Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry, and Cody Christian (and creator Jeff Davis) to ask them ... See the Rest

Tyler Posey Goes Skateboarding In His Underoos Because Life Is Good

Teen Wolf star and noted exhibitionist Tyler Posey went skateboarding in his underwear ... See the Rest

#GodBless: Tyler Posey Strips to His Underoos at MTV Fandom Awards (and 3 Other Times He’s Appeared in Public Semi-Naked)

The Teen Wolf ... See the Rest

Tyler Posey in Wet Underwear Alert!

God bless Tyler Posey. The frisky Teen Wolf star raised some big cash for breast cancer research in Ellen's dunk tank today, with a little help from pop princess Pink! You aren't GOING ... Watch Now

The Only Pic You Need to See From Last Night’s Teen Choice Awards

Irrepressible whelp Tyler Posey co-hosted the Teen Choice Awards aka the Say-A-Bunch-of-Corny-Platitudes-to-THE-CHILDREN Awards, and at one point he gamely dressed up in luau drag, complete with grass skirt and coconut bra. And if you had any lingering doubts about Tyler's ... See the Rest

Teen Wolf SHOCKER: Tyler Posey Says “Welcome to My Face”

WELL. My Twitter BLEW UP last night during the Teen Wolf After-After-Show (yes, that's a thing). They were doing a behind-the-scenes segment, showing Tyler Posey getting his wolf makeup done, and WHAT DOES HE SAY? HOW DOES HE BEGIN? "Welcome to my face," he says. *Record scratch* ... Watch Now

The Gayest Scene in Teen Wolf History?

Possibly. Possibly. Scott and Stiles look as if they are achieving simultaneous orgasm in these GIFs. Some might call it the "climax" of the show. HA! In all actuality EvilStiles is simply sucking the pain that Scott had earlier sucked out of Stiles' victims... out... again? You ... See the Rest

The Takeaway from Last Night’s Teen Wolf: Everybody Agrees Scott is the Hot Girl

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