Andie McDowell Complains After Being Bumped from 1st Class to Coach – Twitter Responds in Twitter-Like Fashion

The Four Weddings and a Funeral star took to social media to protest after being bumped down from first-class to economy. "AmericanAirlines HELP" she ... See the Rest

Treasury Department to Put a Woman on the $10 Bill – Twitter Has a Few Suggestions

The U.S. Department of Treasury announced yesterday plans to remove Alexander Hamilton's face from the $10, and replace him with a female who has “contributed to the development of democracy in the United States.” Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew announced the initiative on ... See the Rest

Is Joyce Carol Oats Trolling Twitter Over Dinosaur Conservation?

Uber-prolific egghead Joyce Carol Oats had the twitterverse in an uproar today after she tweeted her outrage over a photo of a dead dinosaur. It wasn't a real ... See the Rest

Celebrities (and Wowlebrities) React to Madonna’s Fall

It was the THUD heard 'round the world. During the 2015 Brit Awards, Madonna took a nasty onstage spill down a flight a stairs – then ... See the Rest


American Sniper is a morally murky movie with a disturbingly simplistic pro-war message. It ought to be inspiring debate between liberal and conservatives about the effects of war on a soldier's psyche. And yet all anyone seems to be talking about it is the obviously ... See the Rest

The Twitteratti on Drag My Dinner Party

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Cher Tweets Her Support for Kanye’s Pap Bashing

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Joss Whedon Joins Twitter

  And don't forget to follow Wonder of wonder on Twitter here. And I'M on Twitter now too! Follow ... See the Rest