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American Sniper is a morally murky movie with a disturbingly simplistic pro-war message. It ought to be inspiring debate between liberal and conservatives about the effects of war on a soldier's psyche. And yet all anyone seems to be talking about it is the obviously #fakebaby Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller share a pivotal scene with. Twitter, of ... See the Rest

The Twitteratti on Drag My Dinner Party

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Cher Tweets Her Support for Kanye’s Pap Bashing

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Joss Whedon Joins Twitter

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What Just Happened on #DragRace?


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Tonight on the #DragRace Twitter Feed

Draggle Rock live tweets

                    As you read this, RuPaul live tweets episode 3 of Drag Race: he's keen to see the big openings of the contestants' Kiddy TV shows, and can't get to the bottom of that bulge on pit crew member Jason. Oh and #DragRace trends on Twitter, a couple of ... See the Rest

$#*% RuPaul Tweets
(During #DragRace)

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Shirley Temple Joins Twitter,
Is Promptly Asked About Honey Boo Boo

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