#POTUS: Obama Gets a Twitter Account & The Racists Waste No Time –But They Might Be Sorry


As you may have heard, President Obama finally has his own Twitter account after 6 years. He has nearly 2 million followers, as of last look. His first Tweet: "Hello, Twitter! It's Barack. Really! Six years in, they're finally giving me my own account." But the racist ... See the Rest

#SNL: Louis C.K. Set Twitter On Fire With His Child Molester “Joke”


Louis C.K. has done controversial material before, but SNL is a "bigger room" –about four times the size of his Louie audience on FX. After his monologue Saturday night had people Tweeting to beat the band... Louis on racism: "I grew up in the '70s, so I'm not racist. ... See the Rest

Wait a Minute: TS Madison Has a Fear of Commitment

Wait a Minute TS Madison

On this episode of Wait a Minute, TS Madison talks about the fear of commitment. Things like what to eat, what man to date, but there is one thing she can commit to…GOOD HAIR! Cause if you ain't rockin' 22" or better, you're practically bald! ... Watch Now

Wait a Minute: TS Madison Answers Your Twitter Questions!

Wait a Minute Twitter

TS Madison took to Twitter on this episode of Wait a Minute to answer questions from her fans. Find out who Maddie is rooting for to win RuPaul's Drag Race, what she thinks about being slutty, and how her family treated her when they found out she was transitioning. Watch after ... Watch Now

Tom Cotton Said U.S. Gays Should Be Thankful They Don’t Get Hanged For “The Crime of Being Gay.” So, Miley Tweeted His #

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.39.57 AM

You might have heard that Senator Tom Cotton (the same junior GOP congressman who drafted that letter to Iran) urged critics of Indiana’s “religious freedom” law to get some “perspective” equating the treatment of LGBT people in Indiana to countries where gays are executed: “I ... See the Rest

#DailyShow: Is Jon Stewart’s Replacement, Trevor Noah, In Twitter Trouble Already?


Just days after Comedy Central announced Trevor Noah as Jon Stewart's replacement, people are already calling for him to be fired from his job before he even starts. It seems some Twitter detectives have uncovered some damaging old tweets from Trevor's account. You might call ... See the Rest

J.K. Rowling Responds On Twitter To Why Dumbledore Is Gay?: “I Can’t See Him In That Way.”

JK Rowling on the red carpet for the  "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" world premiere in London

Best-selling author J.K. Rowling today responded to a Harry Potter fan's question on Twitter. Ana Kocovic asked the British author: “I wonder why you said that Dumbledore is a gay because I can’t see him in that way” Even though Ana wrote "a gay", Rowling responded ... See the Rest

Azealia Banks Covers Playboy: “I Hate Fat White Americans!”


Azealia Banks is NOT afraid... of black cats or Twitter trolls or anything it seems. She poses for Playboy and gives an interview where she sounds off on... well, just read this excerpt: If people read your Twitter account and don’t like you, is that because of race? "It’s ... See the Rest