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Wendy Williams Got Owned By Nene Leakes On Twitter

Like, whoa. Wendy Williams posted a tweet to her followers after seeing what Nene Leakes did to her Hermes Birkin Bag and asked her followers what ... See the Rest

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InstaModel: Crowd Sourcing Cast Marc Jacobs Latest Campaign

Unlike past Marc by Marc Jacobs campaigns, under the new direction of Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, the label's latest campaign features a cast of ... See the Rest

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Demi Lovato Being Naturally Cute

You all know how much I love Demi Lovato at this point and this just adds fuel to my love fire. Look at how cute she is with zero makeup? Those ... See the Rest


InstaGlamazon: RuPaul Tweets…

"I'm 6'4", but with hair, heels and attitude I'm through the motherf%kin roof!" @RuPaul "Yesterday doesn't exist / Tomorrow never comes / ... See the Rest


Fashion Maven Suzy Menkes Says: “Be Nice, Bitch Brigade!”

"In my new position as international Vogue editor, here is my mantra: no bitching," writes Suzy Menkes in her inaugural column for Vogue UK. Menkes ... See the Rest

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Charlie Sheen Goes IN On Rihanna On Twitter

Wow. Charlie Sheen went IN on Rihanna on Twitter, so much so that homie turned to the Twitlonger. Okay, so in a nutshell they ended up at the same ... See the Rest


Instaglam: @BadGalRiRi Is Still M.I.A.

You know Rihanna's Instagram account @badgirlriri has been suspended for a while now, right? Mostly likely for multiple infringements (naked or near ... See the Rest

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Oh My Tardis! Matt Smith and Tom Felton On a Plane

This is geek heaven! Dr. Who's Matt Smith (my daughter's major crush of the moment) and Harry Potter's Tom Felton sat in front of each other on a ... See the Rest