Tom Cotton Said U.S. Gays Should Be Thankful They Don’t Get Hanged For “The Crime of Being Gay.” So, Miley Tweeted His #

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You might have heard that Senator Tom Cotton (the same junior GOP congressman who drafted that letter to Iran) urged critics of Indiana’s “religious freedom” law to get some “perspective” equating the treatment of LGBT people in Indiana to countries where gays are executed: “I ... See the Rest

#DailyShow: Is Jon Stewart’s Replacement, Trevor Noah, In Twitter Trouble Already?


Just days after Comedy Central announced Trevor Noah as Jon Stewart's replacement, people are already calling for him to be fired from his job before he even starts. It seems some Twitter detectives have uncovered some damaging old tweets from Trevor's account. You might call ... See the Rest

J.K. Rowling Responds On Twitter To Why Dumbledore Is Gay?: “I Can’t See Him In That Way.”

JK Rowling on the red carpet for the  "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" world premiere in London

Best-selling author J.K. Rowling today responded to a Harry Potter fan's question on Twitter. Ana Kocovic asked the British author: “I wonder why you said that Dumbledore is a gay because I can’t see him in that way” Even though Ana wrote "a gay", Rowling responded ... See the Rest

Azealia Banks Covers Playboy: “I Hate Fat White Americans!”


Azealia Banks is NOT afraid... of black cats or Twitter trolls or anything it seems. She poses for Playboy and gives an interview where she sounds off on... well, just read this excerpt: If people read your Twitter account and don’t like you, is that because of race? "It’s ... See the Rest

#BoycottDolceGabbana: Embattled Designers Are Now Using “Je Suis D & G” To Elicit Support – It’s Not Working.


You must think by now I'm just a dog with a bone that won't let go.... this is my 5th post about D&G and the aftermath of their... blah, blah, blah. At this point, if you don't know about this story, welcome to earth, aliens. This is the story that JUST KEEPS ON GIVING. Now ... See the Rest

#TweetMe: Chris Hemsworth Simultaneously Hosts SNL & Breaks Twitter


Aussie hunk, actor and "The Sexiest Man Alive", Chris Hemsworth just Tweeted his first Tweet, to commemorate hosting SNL, which he KILLED, btw. Hemsworth was joined by brothers, Liam & Luke (plus a brother from another mother, left) He stars in Marvel’s upcoming Avengers: Age of ... See the Rest

#SNL: ISIS Commercial Parody Sparks Both Outrage & Admiration …


SNL sparked a Twitter frenzy early Sunday their ISIS parody. 50 Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson and the spoofed a the Toyota commercial where a father drops his daughter off at the airport as she sets off to join the Army that lampoons the recent swarm of young girls who have ... See the Rest

#Controversy: Kelly Osbourne Officially Leaves Fashion Police


She threatened to leave last week and it seems widespread criticism of Giuliana Rancic's recent comments has contributed to Kelly Osbourne quiting Fashion Police. The network announced late Friday... "Kelly Osbourne is departing E!s Fashion Police to pursue other ... See the Rest