Chris Brown thinks Ebola is Population Control


Chris Brown took to Twitter and shared his humble view that perhaps Ebola is a "form of population control." Chris concluded with "shit is getting crazy bruh" to his 13+ million followers, and after thousands of retweets, reconsidered his opinion. No word, alas, as to whether he meant that it was the judgment of God upon an over-populated world or ... See the Rest

Current Twitter Obsession: Beyonce FanFic

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.53.02 PM

Brilliant fan fiction extolling the supernatural perfection of Queen Bey in 143 characters, after the jump. (via ChadleyMacGuff) ... See the Rest

Amanda Bynes Back On Twitter Under a Pseudonym

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This. Is. Tragic. It's literally a replay of what happened last time before her mental break. Amanda Bynes is now 28 years old and no longer under her parents conservatorship. They didn't even know where she was when she was busted for DUI in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Well, she has resurfaced on Twitter using the name @PersianLa27 and ... See the Rest

Goodbye, Facebook: Hello, Ello?


By now, you've probably heard about Ello, the ad-free, invite-only, social network that seems to have gone viral in just the last week. Reports have linked its rise to the recent controversy caused by Facebook's "real name policy", which requires all users to go by their "legal name". This, as you also may know, has caused many in the LGBT ... See the Rest

Norm MacDonald Tweets A Great Robin Williams Tribute


Norm MacDonald Tweeted out this amazing tribute to the one he called "the funniest man alive". I guess someone else will get that title now. ... See the Rest

Gawker “Outs” James Franco & His “Live-In Boyfriend”

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James Franco is none too happy with Gawker. They just ran an article titled "James Franco Is Living With A Man" that served as a response to a short New York Times piece about the actor's collaborations with his friend Scott Haze. The point of this Gawker piece seemed too be that Haze may be Franco's live-in boyfriend: But theirs is the kind of ... See the Rest

Wendy Williams Got Owned By Nene Leakes On Twitter

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Like, whoa. Wendy Williams posted a tweet to her followers after seeing what Nene Leakes did to her Hermes Birkin Bag and asked her followers what they thought of Nene "defacing" it, but soon deleted the tweet. Nene followed it up with this ... See the Rest

InstaModel: Crowd Sourcing Cast Marc Jacobs Latest Campaign

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Unlike past Marc by Marc Jacobs campaigns, under the new direction of Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, the label's latest campaign features a cast of real people found through crowd casting on social media. Marc Jacobs and stylist Katie Grand asked Instagram and Twitter users to submit pics of themselves, using the #CastMeMarc hashtag and the ... See the Rest