Kanye Tweets “Bill Cosby INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!”

Is he trying to make us hate him? Must be. Kanye West tweeted emphatically yesterday that Bill Cosby is "innocent." This support for Cosby seemingly came out of nowhere. As you well know, the unfunny man has been charged with aggravated indecent ... See the Rest

Sadly, It Turns Out Kanye West Is Actually Not Into Butt Play At All

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Kanye West Has Been Distracted From His Creative Process… And Then Got Shut Down by Amber Rose

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Caitlyn Jenner Got Mad at Ricky Gervais’s Jokes (So, He Made Fun Of Her Again…)

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Twitter Obsession of the Day: Very Lonely Luke

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#UnhappyNewYear: Bill Cosby Thanks His Supportive Fans –Twitter SHREDS Him

Bill Cosby just had, as Queen Elizabeth once famously noted of herself, an "annus horribilis" – a year of misfortune. Many would say this was self-created and WELL-deserved. He was America’s favorite dad –a long time ago. But for years there ... See the Rest

Sarah Silverman’s “Gender Fluid Jesus” Joke Has Conservatives FREAKING OUT

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#XmasFail: Santa Brings the Pain with Countless Hoverboard Falls

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