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Snap!: The Urinator Bronson Pelletier Resurfaces

Pissy film star Bronson Pelletier, the former Twilight wolf boy who famously whipped out his dong in the middle of LAX and took a drunken wizz on the ... See the Rest

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Robert Pattinson Has Cleaned Up His Act….Literally

Robert Pattinson had garnered a bit of a reputation of being a tad stinky by some crew members on the Twilight sets. He'd also bragged about not ... See the Rest

Stephenie Meyer signs copies of 'The Host' in London

Bitch Please! Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Biting the Hand That Feeds Her

With the gazillion dollars this woman has made off us, she's letting us all know that she is and thanks for the money. When Variety asked ... See the Rest

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Cleanup at Gate 29!

Troubled Twilight cutie Bronson Pelletier takes a wicked piss in the middle of LAX. From TMZ: "In the video, an airport employee approaches Pelletier, ... See the Rest


Kristen and Rob: Masked and Synonymous

The Twilight couple, now more together than they are not together, were photographed last night leaving the Halloween party in Hollywood Forever, Los ... See the Rest

Kristen Stewart is seen leaving 'Live! With Kelly' in New York City after promoting her new film 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

Checking in with Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is said to be depressed, "distraught" and, according to a source who spilled to US Weekly, "can't do anything" and stays up every ... See the Rest


New Word Alert

It was recently coined on Conan O'Brien's show when guest Will Ferrell acted tearfully torn up over the breakup of the famous Twilight couple, calling ... See the Rest

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Watch Robert Pattinson’s Adorably Awkward Daily Show Appearance

The Cosmopolis star sweetly hems and haws his way through his first post-breakup appearance, pointedly not acknowledging John Stewart's escalating ... See the Rest