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All Is Good Now, Rosie Is Returning To The View

Did you feel off kilter for the past six years or so? That's because Rosie wasn't on The View! Well, all is well with the world, because mama RoRo is ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Flashback: Possibly THE Most Stylish Woman Ever On TV - World of Wonder

Fashion Flashback 2: Possibly THE Most Stylish Woman On TV – Ever

My old pal, Mary Kaye Schilling, wrote last month about Kitty Carlisle Hart in Town & Country. The singer, actress, and arts advocate, who was married ... See the Rest

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Are You Ready for Rosemary’s Baby On NBC?

Well, tough poop if you aren't, cuz it's comin'. Zoe Saldana is the one who is having the devil baby this time around in this NBC remake of the ... See the Rest

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Michelle Keegan Is Too Tanned for Corrie Death Scene

I love this story. UK's Michelle Keegan from Coronation Street's character Tina is on her death bed, but she won't look like it. She just spent a ... See the Rest

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The Hoff on Celebrity Apprentice?

                          He would make it ... See the Rest

Bethenny Frankel picks up baby daughter Bryn Hoppy from school in Tribeca, New York City

Bethenny Gets the Chop

After a year on the air, Bethenny Frankel's chat show Bethenny got the chop. Bethenny says this about it:  "I am relieved... I'm a little over myself ... See the Rest

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Andy Jordan Is Touring

If you live in the UK and live for Made In Chelsea the way I do, then you will want to know that Andy Jordan aka Nostrils, is taking his guitar and ... See the Rest

**EXCLUSIVE** Bill Cosby goes casual in sweats as he makes his way through the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans

Bill Cosby Is Coming Back To TV

It's been 14 years since The Cosby Show ended but at the age of 76, Bill Cosby is set to write and star in a new sitcom for NBC. I'm sure it'll be a ... See the Rest