#BornThisDay: Sean Hayes

hayes 2

June 26, 1970- Sean Hayes is a talented, award-winning, cutie-pie actor & producer, & he is an out & proud gay man. Some of you kids are probably too young, but I found true solace, pride & lots of laughs by having gay characters appearing in a primetime ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Actor, Paul Lynde


June 13, 1926- Paul Lynde, my favorite anecdote: In the early 1960s, Lynde was on trans-continental flight. A rather dreadful child was not being supervised by her parents & was running up & down the aisle making noise & annoying the other passengers. The mother ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Actor, Jim Nabors


June 12, 1930- James Thurston Nabors has spent more than 60 years in show biz. He squandered his considerable intelligence, talent & beautiful baritone to playing a hillbilly. Jim Nabors denied his gayness for the sake of his career, even partying with Ron & Nancy Reagan. ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Joan Rivers


June 8, 1933- Joan Alexandra Molinsky's death, sudden & unnecessary continues to shock me. I have been a fan for 50 years & I must admit I miss her very much. A true comedy pioneer, Joan Rivers was transgressive & transporting, brash & bold. The first time I saw ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Actor, Richard Deacon

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May 14, 1921- Richard Deacon. I know that Modern Family will probably bump some show this list, but it is only in the 6th season & I am still in the early stages stages of love, all dizzy & blurry & unable to be objective: Top 10 Sitcoms of All Time: I Love ... See the Rest

#LastLook: The Trailer For Mad Men’s FinalĂ© Is A Real Tear-Jerker

Mad Men season finale - - video grabs

No spoilers! AMC just released the last Mad Men teaser there will ever be. Rather the the preview of how it ends, it takes you through the seasons and "times of your life" with Paul Anka singing the literal images you are seeing. At first it seems too over-the-top maudlin between ... See the Rest

#NSFW: Diddy’s Steamy, New “3AM” Cologne Ad Is Too Raunchy For TV


The idea that a commercial is banned only makes you want to see it more, right? Well, Diddy didn't get $735 million in the bank by playing it safe. He has a new cologne launching this week called 3AM and he told Style.com: "The concept for the video represents one of the ... See the Rest

#TBT: The Ultimate Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman 70s Fashion Transformation Montage


Lynda Carter kicked ass and looked good doing it as Wonder Woman. Here's a mash-up of her spinning into her WW look. Put it on a loop and play it at parties. You're welcome. Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman! All the world is waiting for you, And the powers you ... See the Rest