How much happy do you need?

...because since I found this on Urlesque I've got more than enough for everyone. Way more. I'm drowning in a disused and partially covered septic tank of happy. If I had any more happy in me right now, the bottom half of me may very well prolapse, leaving my previously grumpy shoes glimmering in a sickening Rainbow Brite style colourway of ... See the Rest

Gaga goes Ganguro

The Ganguro girls of the Shibuya district in Tokyo dye their skin orange, wear A LOT of white concealer under their eyes and on their lips, and have big, pouffy, pink hair in order to convey a sense of... oh who the hell knows. They're Japanese. Nobody expects them to make any sense. But they've been doing it since the '90s, and that's the look ... See the Rest

Michael Bay – Take note

Video thumbnail for youtube video Michael Bay - Take note - World of Wonder

If only Transformers was as f*cking brilliant as this. Japanese cartoon character in a transforming steam-roller races two naked muscle boys who when combined form a sort of nude dude-cycle. oh, and then someones cock turns into a baby's head. Japan rocks my junk so hard sometimes. ... See the Rest

Apocalypse Meow

My geek radar just went off the freaking chart. All I want for christmas is this dvd boxset, a few beers, and some time without disruption. Japanese cartooning has just gone to a whole new level... It's like Band of Brothers just f*cked Pixar in the eye while they were holidaying in Basra. I think a little bit of pee just came out. ... See the Rest