How much happy do you need?

...because since I found this on Urlesque I've got more than enough for everyone. Way more. I'm drowning in a disused and partially covered septic tank of happy. ... See the Rest

Gaga goes Ganguro

The Ganguro girls of the Shibuya district in Tokyo dye their skin orange, wear A LOT of white concealer under their eyes and on their ... See the Rest

Michael Bay – Take note

If only Transformers was as f*cking brilliant as this. Japanese cartoon character in a transforming steam-roller races two naked muscle boys who when combined form a sort of nude dude-cycle. oh, and then someones cock turns into a baby's head. Japan rocks my junk so ... See the Rest

Apocalypse Meow

My geek radar just went off the freaking chart. All I want for christmas is this dvd boxset, a few beers, and some time without disruption. Japanese cartooning has just gone to a whole new level... It's like Band of Brothers just f*cked Pixar in the eye while they were ... See the Rest