#Milestone: SNL Turns 40 (& We Have Mr. Mike To Thank)


Where do you start with a show that has been SO influential in all our lives? Well, I guess like everyone, all I REALLY know is the personal. I can tell you the story of a 15 year-old kid in Texas and how Saturday Night Live changed HIS life. It's 1975, and it starts as it always ... See the Rest

Tribute: Everybody, Rise! A Celebration Of Elaine Stritch


Everybody, Rise! A Celebration of Elaine Stritch, was an all-star tribute to the life and career of the late Tony and Emmy-winning actress, that took place, on Monday, Nov. 17 at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre in New York. Stritch passed away in July at the age of 89. (And as you'll ... See the Rest

Flashback: Joan Rivers Roasts Lady Bunny


If you saw my post yesterday of an upset Lady Bunny "remembering" Joan Rivers (along with a few other targets) you know that she gave it to her with both barrels. And just so you know that there WAS a relationship there (and love) here's Joan roasting Bunny two years ago, on the ... See the Rest

RIP: Lou Reed Covers Rolling Stone


(via Rolling Stone) ... See the Rest

The Voice‘s Tribute Opening Number

Screen shot 2012-12-18 at 11.20.12 AM

With pain-filled voices the coaches/mentors and contestants of The Voice opened the show last night with an emotional rendition of "Hallelujah" as a tribute to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary. I don't know if this story will ever get easier to tell. I'm so thoroughly ... See the Rest

Ink For Whitney


Bobbi Kristina tweeted a pic of her and her boyfriend Nick Gordon's (?) Whitney tribute tattoos. The ink was to celebrate Whitney's 49th birthday which was yesterday. Am I missing something? Why would Bobbi's boyfriend get Nippy's initials inked on him? Sidebar: I was so happy to ... See the Rest

acoustical Gaga

Video thumbnail for youtube video acoustical Gaga - World of Wonder

How do you top yesterday's a cappella version of "Poker Face"? Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo give it their all in this acoustic medley of Lady Gaga's greatest hits. Can you think of any other artist in recent memory who inspires such endearing nuttiness? I'm so glad we live in the Age ... See the Rest