#VDay: 14 Artists Give You Dozens of Roses For Valentine’s Day

Annie Liebovitz

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose/ by any other name would smell as sweet." –William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet Flowery prose and art for you on Valentine's Day. What more do you want in a post? From Picasso's "Rose Period" to Annie Liebovitz's portrait of Bette Midler who is "The Rose" and a dozen others too. Love and art. All ... See the Rest

#Optimism: The Future Was Better – 2015 Edition


“Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so." –Noam Chomsky I love this quote because it articulates the reasoning behind "being positive" which turns off so many people, likely because they feel accused of ... See the Rest

#CyberMonday: Support Your Local Artists (Like Me!)


I would say this is a shameless self-promotion, except that it's really neither. Well, I AM plugging my own website, as I, like every other viral marketer is using social media to get the word out today. But I'm not ashamed. I'm an artist and my work is really about connecting with people who like art and want to have it as part of their lives, not ... See the Rest

Only In New York: We Are Fam-il-y, Part II


So, Thursday night was the second installment of Nora Burn's New York Stories at the Stonewall Inn. I was lucky enough to be in attendance, as well as tell of my own little slice of Big Apple pie. The lineup (other than yours truly) was pretty legendary, as was the audience, who likely had stories that were just as good. We learned that: Nora ... See the Rest

New York Stories II: 80s / 90s Edition


So, Nora Burns (of the fabulous Unitard) is hosting another night of her New York Stories. (I get nervous even mentioning it as I'm on the list of story tellers this time.) From the announcement: "Do you remember when New York City was a wonderland of fabulous freaks and misfit toys? When there were hookers instead of the Highline and you ... See the Rest

Real Estate Porn (Soft-Core): My Barn Makes The May Scene


I would say that I hope it doesn't seem TOO self-serving to post pictures of my own house but honestly, I don't care how it seems. I'm house-proud at the moment and kind of excited that Scene magazine just published a story featuring my Catskill Mountain place in their May issue. The theme is "Wonder Kids" (which I obviously do NOT fall under the ... See the Rest

ArtShop 2: Why Not Collect Artist Plates?

Jeff Koons

People have been collecting and displaying decorative plates as long as there have been food and walls, I would imagine. But plates featuring the work of contemporary artists, whether mass produced or limited edition, are a relatively new phenomenon. Featured here are some of my favorites, available online at MoMA, Other Criteria (Damien Hirst's ... See the Rest

Booked: Are You Blocked? – Creatively, That is…


You don't have to be an artist to experience a creative block – we've all dealt with being "stuck". A brand new book from the mind behind the blog The Jealous Curator, Danielle Krysa, tackles the topic in Creative Block: Advice and Projects From 50 Successful Artists. She interviewed 50 artists (including your's truly) to explore the ways that ... See the Rest