Only In New York: We Are Fam-il-y, Part II

So, Thursday night was the second installment of Nora Burn's New York Stories at the Stonewall Inn. I was lucky enough to be in attendance, as well as ... See the Rest


New York Stories II: 80s / 90s Edition

So, Nora Burns (of the fabulous Unitard) is hosting another night of her New York Stories. (I get nervous even mentioning it as I'm on the list of ... See the Rest


Real Estate Porn (Soft-Core): My Barn Makes The May Scene

I would say that I hope it doesn't seem TOO self-serving to post pictures of my own house but honestly, I don't care how it seems. I'm house-proud at ... See the Rest

Jeff Koons

ArtShop 2: Why Not Collect Artist Plates?

People have been collecting and displaying decorative plates as long as there have been food and walls, I would imagine. But plates featuring the work ... See the Rest


Booked: Are You Blocked? – Creatively, That is…

You don't have to be an artist to experience a creative block – we've all dealt with being "stuck". A brand new book from the mind behind the blog The ... See the Rest


Paintball By Number?: Very Much So

So, last night, I had an opening at Converge Gallery in Williamsport, Pennsylvania called "Very Much So". In addition to the work in the show, which ... See the Rest

First Lady Michelle Obama visits students at the New Museum

Drink Up!: Michelle Obama Visits The New Museum (And Signs My Painting!)

Last month I was asked me to participate in WAT-AAH!'s "Take Back the Streets" exhibit at the New Museum along with 12 other artists like Kenny ... See the Rest

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New York: Art F City Benefit Auction

On Monday, February 17th you are invited to the benefit event for Art F City at Postmasters Gallery, 54 Franklin Street. I contributed my #withyou at ... See the Rest