Cara Delevingne Sparks Eyebrow Transplants

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Cara Delevingne is a supermodel. As a matter of fact, right now she is THE supermodel and her trademark? Those gorgeous, bushy, bold brows. Well it seems women are flooding the med spas for eyebrow extensions and transplants. They claim to last about 2 weeks though I am thinking the transplants last longer if not forever? Damn the '90's for the ... See the Rest

New Hair Trend: Splashlights


It's more like "halo hair," but here you have the latest hair trend they have dubbed "splashlights." The creator, NYC colorist Aura (coincidence?) Friedman, says she wanted it to look like you are standing in a spotlight. She likens it to when a laser beam hits your hair at a certain spot. Out with the ombre in with the splashlights. Now which ... See the Rest

Hot New Trend Bubbling Up: Shamboiling


Cue the media freakout. Shamboiling, also referred to as bubbling, is allegedly the latest teen fad getting the internet up in arms. Like jenkem before it (and vodka tampons, butt chugging, bath salts, eyeball shots, and other things WHICH DO NOT EXIST, PEOPLE, or at least do not happen in numbers great enough to warrant wide-spread panic) ... See the Rest

What’s Your Color Forecast?


  (via lunchbreath) ... See the Rest

Worst Trend of the Year

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That damned Givenchy nose ring. Sure, when you first see it you think "Oh! Isn't that marvelous? Like a very chic bull!" And of course no trend should be practical – trends by definition are pointless and senseless and slightly idiotic – but this goes beyond that. I mean LOOK AT IT. You can't drink a cocktail, do a bump, suck a dick, eat a chicken ... See the Rest

Cinderella 2012


... See the Rest

It’s All About the Butter and the Fly

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LOVE the excitement about the song in the credits of In Vogue: The Editor's Eye.  Of course, up to this point it has been all about the owl. The octopus made a valiant attempt to snare the zeitgeist in its tentacles, but the owl has gone on and on. However, as more and more retailers appropriate this wise old bird for their nefarious ends, it can ... See the Rest

Setting Trends Already

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the opening ceremony  for the Treehouse facility, which is a part of East Anglia's Children's Hospices

From the moment the now-Duchess of Cambridge was introduced to the world as Prince William's betrothed, she has been setting the fashion/trend world on fire. Kate Middleton's McQueen numbers make everyone take notice, but apparently so do her eyebrows. Her "Scouse brows" are all the rage and the cosmetic companies have taken notice and are reaping ... See the Rest