Trend Alert: Glitter Roots!

What at first glance appears to be very glamorous dandruff is actually ALL THE RAGE on Instagram! Yes, GLITTER ROOTS is now a thing because who can really afford the upkeep for mermaid hair? Via See the Rest

OMG YAY! Groupon Has Clip-On Manbuns for Sale!!

Manbuns: The Scourge of 2015 or the Best Sartorial Advancement for Men Since Drop-Crotch Pants? You decide. But for those of you who LOOOOOVE the idea of looking like a Bushwick douchelord, Groupon has a $9.99 clip-on ... See the Rest

Teens React to ’80s Fashion

"It looks like a bunch of highlighters threw up!" Says one girl upon seeing a dozen '80s-style scrunchies. Suffice to say, not all of the teens reacting to '80s fashion GOT the majesty and the glory of the period. Once they started trying the clothes on, though, they all pretty ... Watch Now

Cara Delevingne Sparks Eyebrow Transplants

Cara Delevingne is a supermodel. As a matter of fact, right now she is THE supermodel and her trademark? Those gorgeous, bushy, ... See the Rest

New Hair Trend: Splashlights

It's more like "halo hair," but here you have the latest hair trend they have dubbed "splashlights." The creator, NYC colorist Aura (coincidence?) Friedman, says she wanted ... See the Rest

Hot New Trend Bubbling Up: Shamboiling

Cue the media freakout. Shamboiling, also referred to as bubbling, is allegedly the latest teen fad getting the internet up in arms. Like See the Rest

What’s Your Color Forecast?

  (via lunchbreath) ... See the Rest

Worst Trend of the Year

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