#IAmCait: In Season 2 Caitlyn Says, “I Don’t See Myself Dating Women in the Future”

Buckle up for another bumpy ride! The new Season 2 promo for I Am Cait was released yesterday and has Caitlyn Jenner talking about her future (and her sex life) while taking another bus trip. Kris Jenner is along for the ride and ... See the Rest

Dame Edna Calls Caitlyn Jenner, “A Publicity-Seeking Ratbag”

Dame Edna Everage creator, 81 year-old Barry Humphries, is in some HOT water after a grossly offensive rant against trans women. The Australian comedian –who we liked up until now– is best known for his lilac-haired drag persona, Dame Edna. He ... See the Rest

#WOWBestOf2015: My Top 5 Obsessions/Addictions…Unicorns, 420 Machine, Poppers & More!!! NSFW

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#BornThisDay: Straight Ally, Elliott Blackstone

November 30, 1924- Elliott Blackstone:  "They hated me. They thought it was wrong for a policeman to associate with these 'faggots,' but they needed help, so I helped." Those straight allies for Gay Civil Rights can come from the most unexpected places & ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Superstar, Candy Darling

November 24, 1944- Candy Darling: “I am a star because I have always felt so alienated & I project this feeling to others.” She was a film star, a socialite, a model, a ... See the Rest

Nomi Ruiz’s Cover of George Michael’s “A Different Corner” Will Have You In Tears!

Nomi Ruiz of Jessica 6 and Greek ... See the Rest

#Controversy: Do Lesbians Really Want the “L” & the “T” Taken Out of “LGBT”?

I'm not a lesbian, so I'm not going to pretend to know what issues lesbians are having with the current political climate, but the current petition and it's viewpoints, to me, is ... See the Rest

#LGBT: Feminist Germaine Greer Says Caitlyn Jenner Is “Not a Woman”

Feminist author Germaine Greer has accused Caitlyn Jenner of stealing the limelight from other female members of the Kardashian family, in comments ... See the Rest