TS Madison Talks Bruce Jenner’s Transition


It's been a little while, but Miss TS Madison is back to read the eyes out of you children on Wait a Minute! This week, TS Madison gives us her take on the topic dujour, Bruce Jenner's transition. Watch after the jump! ... See the Rest

WOW EXCLUSIVE: Trans Journalist Zoey Tur on Bruce Jenner, OJ Simpson, & Her Own Transition


I recently sat down for a chat with outspoken trans journalist, scientist, and inventor Zoey Tur to discuss topics including Bruce Jenner's very public transition, the OJ Simpson white Bronco chase (which she filmed), and her own journey to womanhood. She has some pretty fascinating insight – you aren't going to want to miss this one! Watch the ... Watch Now

#Agender: Selfridges Debuts “He, She, Me” To Celebrate Gender Neutral Shopping

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 7.44.59 AM

London's Selfridges is making it easier to shop gender neutral with their new promotion, the Agender Project. Billed as: “a fashion exploration of the masculine, the feminine, and the interplay…found in between." WWD (which just suspended publication, btw) reported that the London department store aims to: “take…customers on a journey ... See the Rest

#Equality: First Transgender Person To Head Up D.C.’s LGBT Police Unit


Police Sgt. Jessica Hawkins began work last week as the new supervisor of D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department’s Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit, becoming the first transgender person to hold the position. Paul Tupper, chair of the local group Gays and Lesbians Opposing Violence, said he was pleased to learn about Jessica's appointment: “Sgt. ... See the Rest

#NoJudgement: Planet Fitness Ejects Transphobic Member

Screenshot 2015-03-06 13.10.15

At the Planet Fitness in Midland, Michigan a transphobic female member complained about a trans woman using the locker room. Yvette Cormier, a member at the Midland location, says she had no idea what that even meant until a few days ago: "I was stunned and shocked. He looked like a man.. He did not look like a woman. This is very ... See the Rest

#ItsFunny: Paul Rudnick Tests Your Knowledge of Sexual Differences…


If you aren't TOO sensitive, take this fake quiz in The New Yorker by humorist Paul Rudnick (In & Out, Addams Family Values): 1. What is a cisgender person? a. Someone whose gender identity matches the sex that he or she was assigned at birth. b. Someone who most likely had never heard the word “cisgender” until he or she read ... See the Rest

#GenderConfuseMe?: Pope Francis Says People Who Transition Are Opposing “God’s Order of Creation”


In a new book, Pope Francis: This Economy Kills, the Pope calls on Christians to "safeguard God's order of creation" and compares trans and the genderqueer to nuclear weapons. The head of the Catholic Church –with more than 1.2 billion members ... See the Rest

#TransgenderTV: Glee’s Coach Bieste New Look As A Man


Glee's Dot-Marie Jones hesitated when she was first told her character Coach Beiste was going to come out as transgendered. Jones tells People about her character transitioning from female to male on the show's final season: "I just didn't want to let down the girls who are straight and tomboys that my character represented the last four ... See the Rest