#Busted: Anti-Gay, Transphobic, Pastor’s Grindr Profile Revealed!


Screenshots obtained by Queerty (from a source who asked that his name be withheld) just revealed Reverend Matthew Makela's Grindr profile... now, that's his business, you say, right? Well, not when he sends out messages of hate... Yes, we've seen it all before; the ... See the Rest

#GaydarBusted?: These 18 LGBTees Are Texts For Your Bod


Sometimes it's important to say what you mean and mean what you say, but with these LGB-Tees, you can let your style do the talking. Are you "Too Gay For Indiana?" Playing for both teams, or maybe looking for a gay bitch, uh, beach...? Send out out your own messages and read the ... See the Rest

#QuoteUnquote: Bruce Jenner’s Ex-Wife, Linda Thompson On How Living With & Loving Him “Changed Her Life Forever”


Bruce Jenner's ex-wife Linda Thompson opened up about their married life. She tells how she dealt with the his gender identity issues in an essay on the Huffington Post after Bruce revealed to ABC's Diane Sawyer on Friday night, that he is transitioning from a man to a ... See the Rest

#Opinion: Bruce Jenner’s Story Is A Lesson For All About Judgement


The world watched last night as Bruce Jenner told a story that was his secret and private torment for nearly 60 years. First of all, that's what I call good TV. But after settling in to really listening what he had to say, his story became something else altogether. We all ... See the Rest

#LivingTruth: Bruce Jenner, “The One Real True Story in the Family is the One I Was Hiding”


As the world watched last night, Bruce Jenner revealed what the media had been speculating on for nearly a year. He (as he said last night, he has separated his female self and gave this interview as Bruce) sat across from ABC's Diane Sawyer and bravely told his story: "I'm ... See the Rest

#MediaFrenzy: Bruce Jenner’s Impending ABC Interview Has the World Press Going Crazy!


What's a bigger story, Bruce Jenner or a new royal baby about to drop? I'd say Jenner has the edge right now –at least in THIS country. The media (and the paps, especially) are losing their minds over a story they know is out there but just can't quite get to yet. The Daily News ... See the Rest

#LGBT: Today Is The Student-Led National #DayofSilence To Create Safer Schools For Everyone

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.43.43 AM

April 17 is the national Day of Silence. Started in '96, it is a student-led day of action toward creating safer schools for everybody, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Students take a vow of silence today to highlight the silencing effect ... See the Rest

GLAAD’s Report On 2014’s Most Offensive Films To LGBT Audiences


In a year where Hollywood seemed to be earning its reputation as one of the most progressive and gay-friendly industries on earth, GLAAD’s latest Studio Responsibility Index makes a case that 2014 didn’t exactly solve homophobia in Hollywood.... GLAAD report says that only 17.5% ... See the Rest