Transformations: On Location at the Queen Mary “Dark Harbor”

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It's a very special Halloween edition of Transformations today, where we go ON LOCATION to the Queen Mary "Dark Harbor" fright fest in Long Beach. Transformation all-star Jen Fregozo and ghoul coordinator Christina Cofran gave me a lovely decomposing sea hag makeover, covering me in lichen, barnacles, and mold. I then got to run around, talking to ... Watch Now

Transformations (Halloween Spooktacular): Face Off’s Cig Neutron!

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Reeeeeeeeally fun episode of Transformations today, with Face Off season seven standout Cig Neutron joining me  in the studio for a creepy Halloween spooktacular makeover. You're going to plotz. He transforms me into a goblin-esque 19th century grave robber, and I've NEVER BEEN MORE FABULOUS! I would wear this to the club, the grocery store, the ... Watch Now

Girls On Film: What Are The 5 Best Movie Drag Performances?


Listening to "Finally" on my 90s Dance Hit Radio Station on iTunes the other day in my car, I thought to myself, "I'd like to see that drag number from Priscilla Queen of the Desert." When I got home and checked the Wow Report, what was James doing on Transformations but being made over by Australia's Courtney Act? So, I took it as a sign and ... See the Rest

Transformations: Courtney Act Gives Me a Priscilla Makeover


Aussie sensation and Drag Race legend Courtney Act stops by the Transformation studios to give me a Priscillia, Queen of the Desert makeover. We chatted about her RuPaul's Drag Race experience, the challenges she faces in her sex life, and how she overcame her own internalized drag-phobia. It's quite an episode. Check it out below. And be sure to ... See the Rest

Support Hoes: Get Glitterfck to the Transformation Studios!

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I recently reached out to Mississipi drag queen Glitterfck to be on an episode of Transformations. Of course, we don't have the budget to fly anyone in, we're a pretty bare-bones operation, so I told him "if you're ever in the area...." Well, lo and behold, that determined little queen has started a gofundme page to get a plane ticket to Hollywood! ... See the Rest

Transformations: Justin Tyme’s Super-Spooky Annabelle Makeover

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Just in time for Friday's Annabelle premiere, makeup artist Justin Tyme transforms me into the murderous doll on an all-new Halloween SPOOKTACULAR episode of Transformations. While he's painting my mug, Justin tells us the real-life story behind the Annabelle doll, and, HOLY MOLY, it's a doozy! After you watch this episode, you'll want to ... Watch Now

Watch Now: WOWPresents Weekly Video Recap


Here's what you missed this week on WOWPresents! Get all caught up before this week's new episodes! ... Watch Now

Transformations SPECIAL EDITION: Facebook Real Name Policy Protest

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When Seattle drag queen Olivia LaGarce found herself locked out of her Facebook account, she created a Change.Org petition to raise awareness about the plight of drag performers, trans people, sex workers, the formerly abused, the stalked, and everyone else who, for whatever reason, don't use their real name on Facebook. Now Olivia (new Facebbok ... Watch Now