Watch Chad Michaels Give Birth to Her New Drag Daughter Val Diktorian


Over at BuzzFeed, staff writer Charistian Zamo was given a super-fab drag makeover by none other than Drag Race Allstar legend Chad Michaels. Check out the amazing transformation after the jump! ... See the Rest

Transformations: Argenis Pinal Transforms James St. James Into a Comic Book Senator

Transformations Argenis Pinal

James St. James found Argenis Pinal via Instagram because of his unique style of painting 2-dimensional comic book faces. Watch him turn James into an old man; he looks like his father…or a crooked politician! New episodes of Transformations every Tuesday on WOWPresents. ... Watch Now

Transformations: Deja Nouveau Gets Fruity with Me


It's an all-new episode of Transformations, with special guest drag artiste Deja Nouveau from Seattle (by way of Alaska). The look she concocts is a sherbet-colored fantasy with a decidedly unhinged Phyllis Diller wig which pairs nicely with the mental patient gown I brought to ... See the Rest

Transformations: In Which I am Transformed Into a Demonic Molly Ringwald


It's all-new episode of Transformations with the gorgeous Gabe Wing who gives me the 16 Candles treatment. Like, literally. There are 16 candles attached to my head, that drip hot wax all over me. It's all raaaaaaather painful, but ultimately a fun look for fab masochists. Check ... Watch Now

Transformations: Vanity Venom Gives Me a Vivienne Westwood-Inspired Post-Punk Look


Vanity Venom – who hails from the actual Sherwood Forest in England! – is in the Transformation studios today for an all-new episode. She describes the look she gives me as "if Elizabeth I and Vivienne Westwood met at a clubkid party" and I was the love-child. Which is BEYOND ... Watch Now

Transformations: Joseph Harwood Gives Me a Soft and Feminine Makeover


Yummy Youtube superstar Joseph Harwood stopped by the Transformation studio last week to charm us all with his dazzling wit and impeccable taste. His goal was to give me a soft and feminine makeover, which, as you know, is a bit of a challenge as I am decidedly neither. In the ... See the Rest

From Filthy Beatnik to Dazzling International Beauty: A Hilarious 1963 Transformation

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.58.29 AM

Must-see British Pathé newsreel footage from 1963, in which a "young, cigarette-puffing, black-haired, black sweater and jeans-clad beatnik girl” is whisked into a beauty salon that specializes in “teaching teenagers how to make the best of themselves” and become a gorgeous femme ... See the Rest

Exclusive Full-Length “Toot It or Boot It” Edition of Transformations/Fashion Photo RuView with Raven!


On yesterday's epic 100th episode of Transformations, special guest star Raven quickly "tooted" or "booted" some of our past looks. Here's the bonus full-length edition, where we get into THE SPECIFICS of why she liked or didn't like the particular looks. Check it out after the ... Watch Now