Transformations: Ridge Gallagher Does Him

Transformations Ridge Gallagher

Ridge Gallagher is back on Transformations to transform me into the EVER SO FABULOUS Powerpuff Girls villain, HIM! Transformations alum Boom Boom stops by to help out! You gotta click over and watch this one. New episodes of Transformations every Tuesday on WOWPresents! ... See the Rest

Watch Now: WOWPresents Weekly Video Recap

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Here's what you missed this week on WOWPresents! Get all caught up before this week's new episodes! ... Watch Now

Transformations: The Return of Ginava

Video thumbnail for youtube video Transformations: The Return of Ginava - World of Wonder

Aussie clubkid Ginava is back, this time transforming me into an undersea GOD with the help of some yarn, blue paint, and one of his patented monster onesies. I really need to get me one of those. Check it out after the jump. ... See the Rest

13 Amazing Makeup Tricks: You Have To See These Um, Transformations


Welcome to their (funny) faces. Our James St. James does just this sort of thing (with help) every week to great effect, usually. Here are less successful celebrity makeup impersonations that are hilariously inept, but somehow by the final frame, everyone gets MIRACULOUSLY transformed. I couldn't love them more. How do they do it? I know – makeup ... See the Rest

Transformations: Andrew Velazquez Showers Me in Gold

Video thumbnail for youtube video Transformations: Andrew Velazquez Showers Me in Gold - World of Wonder

It's an all-new episode of Transformations, with hunky makeup artist Andrew Velazquez covering me in sumptuous gold leaf. It's all very posh, very chic, don't you know. Perfect for dinners with royalty, heads of state, and leaders of industry. Check it out after the jump ... Watch Now

Must-See: James Ostrer’s Super-Creepy Food Freaks!!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.21.32 PM

Gobsmackingly gorgeous monster makeovers from London-based artist James Ostrer using junk food, you simply have to see it to believe it. Says Dangerous Minds: Models are adorned in hamburgers, cheese puffs, whipped cream and all manner of processed goodies, creating a sort of anthropological fashion spread of the crap we consume. There are ... See the Rest

Transformations: BenDeLaCreme

BenDeLaCreme James St. James Transformations

Super-exciting all-new episode today, with RuPaul's Drag Race season six fan favorite BenDeLaCreme in the Transformation studio helping me build an all-new drag persona. You have to watch to see the surprising final result. Be sure to check in every Tuesday, and don't forget to subscribe to ... Watch Now

Alyssa Edwards’ Transformations Polaroids by Mark Christopher

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 4.36.30 PM

Photographer Mark Christopher took these striking Warhol-esque polaroids of me in my post-Alyssa Edwards Transformations reverie! They're very "Loretta Lynn Visits the Set of Dynasty." Check them out after the jump. ... See the Rest