Transformations: Joseph Harwood Gives Me a Soft and Feminine Makeover


Yummy Youtube superstar Joseph Harwood stopped by the Transformation studio last week to charm us all with his dazzling wit and impeccable taste. His goal was to give me a soft and feminine makeover, which, as you know, is a bit of a challenge as I am decidedly neither. In the end, I look like a young Sylvia Miles, but oh! the things we learned ... See the Rest

From Filthy Beatnik to Dazzling International Beauty: A Hilarious 1963 Transformation

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.58.29 AM

Must-see British Pathé newsreel footage from 1963, in which a "young, cigarette-puffing, black-haired, black sweater and jeans-clad beatnik girl” is whisked into a beauty salon that specializes in “teaching teenagers how to make the best of themselves” and become a gorgeous femme du monde. Transforming a beatnik: It's no more difficult than ... See the Rest

Exclusive Full-Length “Toot It or Boot It” Edition of Transformations/Fashion Photo RuView with Raven!


On yesterday's epic 100th episode of Transformations, special guest star Raven quickly "tooted" or "booted" some of our past looks. Here's the bonus full-length edition, where we get into THE SPECIFICS of why she liked or didn't like the particular looks. Check it out after the jump. ... Watch Now

The 100th Episode of Transformations Featuring Raven + Dozens of Surprise Guest Stars!


Why, it seems like just yesterday I approached the Digital department with my idea for a makeover show featuring ME! and a rotating series of drag queens, makeup artists, and club freaks. I figured I'd do about 20 episodes and then run out of looks or run out of guests and move on to something else. Well, here we are two years later, still going ... Watch Now

Transformations: Anna Bortion’s Martian Hooker Mermaid Madness


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Pride of Indianapolis – MISS ANNA BORTION! Yes, today, on an all-new episode of Transformations, we are treated to an otherworldy makeover courtesy of Anna Bortion, who's face-painting skills are clearly on point. The end result is absolutely fabulous, I sort of have a weird pan-dimensional Janis Dickinson ... Watch Now

#Transformations: Meet Lyndon Glitterfck, Gender Warrior


You forget sometimes just how good you have it. Living in the city, surrounded by creative types, being able to be whoever you want to be. I often tell myself it's a pretty great time to be alive, isn't it? Then you meet somebody like Lyndon Glitterfck and your whole world view is shaken. Lyndon lives in Hattiesberg, Mississippi, y'all. Population: ... See the Rest

James St. James Gets A Heart On On This Valentine’s Day Episode of Transformations


On the brand-new Transformations, Sylva Hattington and Alexia Petre give James St. James a heart on Valentine's Day makeover! Like the gorgeous headpiece in this episode? Head over to Bubbles and Frown to see more! ... See the Rest

Get the Look!: Michelle Visage

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 11.20.39 AM

Michelle Visage is KILLING IT in the Celebrity Big Brother house over in the UK. We're a couple of hours away from finding out if she wins the whole kit and caboodle, so to hold you over, why not do your make-up like her for your viewing party? Watch the make-tutorial from Youtuber Pixiewoo after the jump and don't forget to VOTE FOR MICHELLE!!! ... See the Rest