Transformations: Valentine Anger’s Autumnal Holiday Makeover

Cutie-patootie Valentine Anger (who had previously assisted both Ursala Major and Gabe Wing) gets a stab at HIS ... See the Rest

Transformations: Shea Couleé

Today we have with us in the Transformation studios the lovely Shea Couleé (from Chicago) who gives me a makeover that at first glance appears to be a very gay Easter egg, but is actually based on the street art of Parisian graffiti artistSee the Rest

Transformations: Jason Adcock Makes Me into an ’80s Neon Acid Zombie

Oh, this Jason Adcock fella. He really SENDS ME! So hunky! Wait until you see him! The Fright Fest at Six Flags monster-maker stopped by the Transformation studio to give me an '80s neon acid zombie makeover, and the result is THE CUTEST LITTLE CREATURE YOU EVER ... See the Rest

Your Ultimate Halloween Transformations Playlist!

Are you spinning your wheels, unable to come up with a decent Halloween outfit? Does the idea of being Cecil the Lion or Kim Davis leave you flat? FEAR NOT! I've compiled a MASSIVE playlist of Halloween-themed or Halloween-adjacent Transformation ... See the Rest

Transformations: Katya Turns Me into a Dead Soviet Army Hooker Nurse?

We never really had a chance to figure out WHAT exactly the look was, suffice to say it was something something zombie something something Russian something something drag queen. You fill in the rest of the backstory. Mostly this transformation was an excuse to get inside the ... See the Rest

#Transformations: Sweden’s Duo Raw Transform Me into a Glamorous Disco Goblin

What a day! What a dream come true! Sweden's illustrious superstar design team/performance artists Duo Raw were in the Transformation studio to work their wackadoodle magic on me. The result? Somewhere between Leigh Bowery and ... See the Rest

Transformations: Vanity Venom Is BACK!

Our gorgeous friend from the Sherwood Forest, Vanity Venom aka Emily Clayton,  is back in the Transformation studio after winning the NYX UK Face Awards 2015. She brought with her a goodie bag filled with new products to transform me into her entry look for the contest –  a 1920s ... See the Rest

Transformations: Tammie Brown Gives Me the Full Tammie Brown Experience

Well, it's a dream come treue! We've been trying to get RuPaul's Drag Race Season One LEGEND Tammie Brown into the Transformation studio forEVER, but she's a busy girl, dontyouknow, and the timing was never right. Well, HERE SHE IS. In all her ... See the Rest