#Transformations: Meet Lyndon Glitterfck, Gender Warrior


You forget sometimes just how good you have it. Living in the city, surrounded by creative types, being able to be whoever you want to be. I often tell myself it's a pretty great time to be alive, isn't it? Then you meet somebody like Lyndon Glitterfck and your whole world view is shaken. Lyndon lives in Hattiesberg, Mississippi, y'all. Population: ... See the Rest

James St. James Gets A Heart On On This Valentine’s Day Episode of Transformations


On the brand-new Transformations, Sylva Hattington and Alexia Petre give James St. James a heart on Valentine's Day makeover! Like the gorgeous headpiece in this episode? Head over to Bubbles and Frown to see more! ... See the Rest

Get the Look!: Michelle Visage

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 11.20.39 AM

Michelle Visage is KILLING IT in the Celebrity Big Brother house over in the UK. We're a couple of hours away from finding out if she wins the whole kit and caboodle, so to hold you over, why not do your make-up like her for your viewing party? Watch the make-tutorial from Youtuber Pixiewoo after the jump and don't forget to VOTE FOR MICHELLE!!! ... See the Rest

Transformations: Skarlet Starlet


On today's all-new episode of Transformations, sweet, sweet Southern belle Skarlet Starlet gives me a House of Ringling/bearded lady makeover that would make Kathy Bates'character from AHS:Freakshow bow down with pride. Check it out after the jump! ... See the Rest

Transformations: Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr Transformations

Makeup artist, YouTube sensation, and Instagram celeb, Patrick Starrr transforms James St. James on this episode of Transformations! New episodes of Transformations every Tuesday on WOWPresents! ... See the Rest

Transformations: Melanie Mills


The snow glows white on the mountain tonight as Dancing with the Stars makeup guru Melanie Mills gives me an icy makeover. My power flurries through the air into the ground. My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around. And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast. I'm never going back, the past is in the past! LET IT GO! LET IT GO! That ... Watch Now

Alyssa Edwards Birthday Appreciation Post!

Alyssa Edwards WOWPresents

In honor of Alyssa Edwards' birthday, we've compiled all of Alyssa's moments on WOWPresents! We've got, Alyssa's Secret, (duh) Transformations, Fashion Photo RuView, Ring My Bell, WOWSN, and so much more! PLUS! A special episode of Alyssa's Secret from her child ... See the Rest

Transformations: Landon Cider Gives Me a Lumbersexual Makeover


Well, this is a Transformations first. Drag KING Landon Cyder stops by the studio to teach me how to be a man. Yep. No more lip gloss, limp wrists, and silly lisps for me! I got that big-dick swagger now, boyeeee. It's a life-changing episode after the jump – you LITERALLY will not recognize me. Oh, and as always,  don't forget to subscribe to ... Watch Now