Gay Country Star Steve Grand Stands Up for Transgender Rights

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Openly gay country music star Steve Grand – who catapulted to fame with the video for his buzzy 2013 track “All-American Boy” – talked to the Daily Beast about the need for gay people to offer support to the transgender community. Says Grand: "...we can’t forget about the T in LGBT. I think now it’s our trans brothers and sisters that we ... See the Rest

Must Watch: Transgender People in Europe Still Face the Horror of Forced Sterilizations and Worse

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Did you know that there are 34 governments in Europe that still force transgender people to undergo sterilization, divorce, and/or a diagnosis of mental illness to be allowed to change their name or gender? Transgender Europe ( has a new video showing that for most trans people in Europe, it is very difficult and often incredibly ... Watch Now

#PhoningItIn: Trans Prostitute Movie “Tangerine” Filmed Entirely on an iPhone5

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Everyone's buzzing about the Sundance smash Tangerine which stars trans actresses Mya Taylor and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez as two working girls in search of a wayward pimp on a fateful Christmas Eve in Hollywood.  The film – which was shot entirely on an iPhone – was bought by Magnolia Pictures at Sundance and is looking at a Summer 2015 ... See the Rest

Hmmm. Kate Pierson Has a New Trans Anthem: “Mister Sister”

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My cisgendered privilege prevents me from fully articulating just... what's... so wrong here, but let's give it a try. First of all: The term "Mister Sister" seems like one of those phrases that should be avoided like "Ladyboy" or  "he/she" – anything that invokes the notion of being both genders. That's just antiquated. The punchline of Fred ... See the Rest

Adventures in Polygamy with Alaska, Nebraska, and Derrick Barry

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With trans polygamy being the next great civil rights frontier, of course, RuPaul's Drag Race alumna Alaska has posed with polyamorous drag superstar Derrick Barry and Mackenzie Claude (aka Nebraska Thunderfuck) for an exciting new photoshoot promoting the trans polygamy lifestyle. See the pics after the jump. Writes Mackenzie: "You remember The ... See the Rest

R. Kelly’s Son Is Transgendered

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Meet the adorable Jay, formerly Jaya. Jay is 14 years old and has known he was a boy since he was 6. Now here's the real story: His mom Andrea Kelly (from the reality show Hollywood Exes) loves him and accepts him wholly and completely but his famous/infamous father R. Kelly has not spoken to him since he has come out as transgender. This is the ... See the Rest

Support Hoes: Help Fund the Genderbent Project

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The Genderbent Project is Jacob Rostovsky and Dusti Cunningham's photographic series documenting gender non-conforming individuals, with an indiegogo campaign seeking $11,000 to become fully funded. So far they've photographed fabulous trans and genderqueer legends Mathu Andersen, Buck Angel, Alaska, Sonique, Glamerous Monique and Ian Harvie (among ... See the Rest

Puerto Rican Trans Documentary Mala Mala (featuring April Carrión) Premieres to Standing Ovation at TriBeCa Film Festival

Video thumbnail for youtube video Puerto Rican Trans Documentary Mala Mala (featuring April Carrión) Premieres to Standing Ovation at TriBeCa Film Festival - World of Wonder

Mala Mala, a new documentary about Puerto Rico’s diverse trans scene, starring Puerto Rico's most visible trans activist, Ivana Fred, and season six RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant April Carrión, received a standing ovation after its world premiere last night at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival. Watch the trailer below. ... See the Rest