Caitlyn Jenner to the Advocate: “I Am Only a Spokesperson for My Own journey”

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Transgender Remembrance Day 2015: A List of the Lives Lost This Year

Today is the 16th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, which means it's to time to pause and remember the lives lost to transphobic violence this year. Transgender ... See the Rest

Caitlyn Jenner to LA Times: “I Still Plan to Vote Republican” in Presidential Election

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Arrest Made in Murder of Philly Trans Woman Keisha Jenkins

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Trans Woman Killed by Gang of Men in Philadelphia

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Caitlyn Jenner Says She Is Interested In Dating a Man

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#Smackdown: Trans Reporter Zoey Tur Goes OFF on Conservative Journalist Ben Shapiro, Threatens to “Send Him Home in an Ambulance”

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Kickstarter OTD: The Virgins of the Door, A Rare Glimpse Inside Peru’s Transgender Community

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