Objet d’Art Deux : Art Toys For Grown-Up Collectors

YAYOI KUSAMA, "Large" Kusama Pumpkin Soft Sculpture, current bid $1,500

Some people never outgrow toys and continue to accumulate them. Others like to collect editioned 3D objects by big-name artists that are more affordable (I might fall into this category.) Still others scratch their heads and say, "I don't get it." (See next post, Jeff Koons balloon dog.) The auction site Paddle 8, is featuring a sale called Club ... See the Rest

Legos Go to Hell


... See the Rest

Tiny Toy Meth Lab


If you waited for Lego to bring out a Breaking Bad playset, you'd be too old to play with it. Lego frowns on drugs, sex, violence, and middle-aged men in underwear in trailers. Whereas Citizen Brick smiles on all that and is only too happy to oblige right now with this $250 Superlab Playset with over 500 pieces, including three custom minifigs. ... See the Rest

World War Z Action Figures Already


$17.99. More on the World War Z figures at ThinkGeek. They're fully articulated but not articulate. ... See the Rest

Hello Titty


(via peenmonger) ... See the Rest

Growing a Baby in 15 Hours


(via formermaleprostitute) ... See the Rest



Made from McDonald's trash: Big Mac and French fries containers, drink lids, and straws. (t/y Louis) ... See the Rest

The Fabulous Baking Boys


Little boys everywhere owe McKenna Pope big time. Getting 40,000+ signatures at Change.org, and the support of celeb chef Bobby Flay, the 13-year old Jersey girl convinced Hasbro to create a gender-neutral Easy-Bake Oven. (Coming sometime in 2013.) Of course, to me, this current purple model seems super gender neutral, but then again, I work at the ... See the Rest