Hot TOWIE Couple Alert!

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The original reason I even started watching TOWIE, Miss Amy Childs, is dating current Essex boy (welllll technically he just left the show) Tom Pearce and it's pretty serious, appaz. See, they've known each other since they were kids, and the parents are good friends. The only ... See the Rest

Watch Dan Osborne Jump Naked in Pool


TOWIE star Dan Osborne filmed a dare from his fans to jump naked in a pool so we can all relish in his...bravery.  Watch Dan Osborne jump, after the jump. ... See the Rest

OMG! Lauren Goodger To Go In CBBUK House

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PLEASE let this rumor be the true one. The word is that ex-TOWIE'er Lauren Goodger is entering the Celebrity Big Brother UK House in just one short week. You all have NO idea how obsessed with her I am, for all of the wrong reason, natch. Look, I am watching anyway, but this is ... See the Rest

Is Casey Batchelor Joining TOWIE?

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That's the word. The glamour model and Celebrity Big Brother alum is said to be talking to the bosses of TOWIE to possibly become a new cast member. She is besties with Danielle Armstrong and Danielle isn't a very liked character so I think they need some reinforcement to make ... See the Rest

Mario Falcone Suspended From TOWIE

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Well, well, well. It seems TOWIE lothario Mario Falcone has been using that gorgeous, Italian nose for more than sniffing out birds whilst in Marbs. Apparently a video surfaced while they are taping TOWIE in Marbella (of course we need our Only Way Is Marbs epidsode), and in the ... See the Rest

TOWIE’s Gemma Collins Missed the Mark

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Listen. I am all for some fake and bake tan, false lashes and extensions just like my fave Essex gals, but TOWIE's Gemma Collins got something wrong. She posted this pic on twitter before heading out on Saturday with the caption, "Friday night tanned and ready to parddyyyy have ... See the Rest

Michelle Keegan Is Too Tanned for Corrie Death Scene

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I love this story. UK's Michelle Keegan from Coronation Street's character Tina is on her death bed, but she won't look like it. She just spent a sunny week in Dubai with fiance, ex-TOWIE'er Mark Wright, and came back looking like a lovely piece of beef jerky, color-wise I mean. ... See the Rest

It’s All About Lauren Goodger’s Lips

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Seriously. Since Lauren Goodger left TOWIE she has attached herself to an air pump and never let go. She has done nothing but consistently entertain on her Twitter and Instagram accounts with her duckface pouts. Her boobs finally had their growth spurt as did her lips. I've read ... See the Rest