Point/Counterpoint: Tom Hardy Defends His Response to a Reporter’s Question About his Sexuality, Christopher Rice Calls BS

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Tom Hardy spoke to See the Rest

Honest Movie Trailers: Mad Max Fury Road

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What a trailer! What a lovely trailer! Yes, Honest Movie Trailers is back, this time taking on the brilliant but confusing summer blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road. Tom Hardy "kind of" stars as a man of few words (but many grunts), ... See the Rest

It’s Leonardo DiCaprio VS Tom Hardy in the Teaser Trailer for The Revenant


We'll hashtag this #OscarBait. Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki went to the wilds of Calgary for their latest collaboration, The Revenant. It stars a grizzled ... See the Rest

#Rocketman: Tom Hardy Stars as Elton John – But Who’ll Play EJ In The Musical Version?


The upcoming biopic Rocketman starring Tom Hardy as Elton John will eventually be turned into a musical for ... See the Rest

Fact: The Only Thing Better Than 1 Tom Hardy Is 2 Tom Hardys

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I'm not sure about you, but Tom Hardy is pretty high up on my list of celebrity crushes. He's a hot tough guy who doesn't take himself too seriously, and if you've seen his movies (which by the way, I hope you've seen Mad Max by now because it's ... See the Rest

The Hottest Red Carpet Looks at Cannes

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It's Cannes, of course, and TOUT LE MONDE is there, pushing their latest project. Every year it gets a little dressier and the style stakes get a little higher. The daytime photo calls, which used to just be a jeans-and-tshirt affair, have now turned into the ... See the Rest

#MadderMax: Tom Hardy Covers Details (& Meets Mel Gibson)


Super-sexy Brit Tom Hardy ... See the Rest

The Hottest Hunks of the Day: Tom Hardy, Macaulay Culkin… and Jackie Mason?

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We run the gamut here on the WOW Report. Hunks of every stripe. Young, old, pint-sized, burly – we've got all your favorite dreamboats – from a beardy Tom Hardy to preternaturally pretty Harry Styles to suddenly sexy octogenarian Jackie Mason AND MORE... why, it's almost TOO MUCH ... See the Rest