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First Look: Nicholas Hoult in Mad Max: Fury Road

And you thought he looked yummy in Warm Bodies, oh my lord, wait'll you get a load of Nicholas Hoult as an emaciated post-apocalyptic desert rat in ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup: Mischa Barton! Tom Hardy! Sophia Loren! AND MORE!

A gloomy Mischa Barton, a possibly smelly Tom Hardy, and that tacky old broad Sophia Loren are just a few of the celebrities papped in today's ... See the Rest

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Tom Hardy Covers Esquire in All His Tattooed Glory

A shirtless and heavily tatted Tom Hardy talks to Esquire this month about his rumored feud with Charlize Theron. Wait. What? I hadn't heard about ... See the Rest


Bi-Sexy: But Tom Hardy Won’t Bottom, OK?

Studly Tom Hardy told London's Daily Mail that he has had “sexual relations” with gay men. A month later, Hardy clarified that he’d never “done it ... See the Rest

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Hunk Alert!

1. Tom Hardy attends the Locke premiere at the BFI in Leicester Square, London. 2. Zac Efron drives off after celebrating his birthday at Chateau ... See the Rest


The Poaching Wars Gif Shop: Tom Hardy Bathes with Elephants

... See the Rest

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Tom Hardy Joins Social Media

Fabulous news! Tom Hardy has new Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts! So far he's only posted a selfie and this old puppy pic, but he's probably ... See the Rest

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On Set: Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace Filming Child 44

The Soviet spy thriller (also starring Gary Oldman and Joel Kinneman) is filming in Prague. (Photos: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest