The Spoils of Babylon Gif Shop

Are you watching The Spoils of Babylon? I feel like you aren't. The IFC miniseries starring Kristen Wiig, Tobey Maguire, Will Farrell, Jessica Alba, ... See the Rest


Tobey Maguire Covers German Interview ADORABLY

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On the Red Carpet: The Great Gatsby Photocall at Cannes

The Great Gatsby opens the Cannes Film Festival, causing a bit of a controversy. According to Sky News: "The opening slot is traditionally reserved ... See the Rest

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Eight Minutes of Extremely Raw Behind-the-Scenes Footage from The Great Gatsby

A compilation of b-roll from next week's INSTANT CLASSIC, OMG. Baz and Leo and Toby and Carey and A CAST OF THOUSANDS stand around and discuss ... See the Rest

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The New Gatsby Posters

  And watch the new trailer here. ... See the Rest

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Garrett and Kiki and Tobey and daughter Ruby, out shopping in NYC and Malibu, respectively. (Photos: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest


Gatsby Gets Postponed

Warner Bros shocked Hollywood today by moving the release date of Baz Lurhmann's 3D spectacle The Great Gatsby from Christmas day to an unspecified ... See the Rest


Iron Man and Spider-Man Post-Coital in 2000′s Wonder Boys

(via dudetube)   ... See the Rest