Sharp knife

Tim Hancock from the World of Wonder London office writes: I am sure you will over the moon to discover that thisisaknife has once more been selected by iTunes as one of the Best Podcasts of 2007. This is not just for the UK... oh no... it's across the Entire Universe. It's the ... See the Rest

thisisaknife… IS BACK!

It's been a long time, but thisisaknife, our show all about the strange life of Donal Coonan, is very much back. The show's exclusively available on the web, both here and our Channel 4 website. Oh, and there's our blog too. But for now, why don't you pour yourself a cup of ... See the Rest

thisisaknife: Ambushing Luke

Video thumbnail for youtube video thisisaknife: Ambushing Luke - World of Wonder

The problem with putting your phone number on the internet and asking everyone to call you, is that when an internet TV show wants to get in touch, you may well be engaged. We succeeded where others failed, though, by finding a man who lives near Luke Johnson in Arizona, and ... See the Rest

thisisaknife: Watch TV Being Made

Video thumbnail for youtube video thisisaknife: Watch TV Being Made - World of Wonder

A new episode of thisisaknife, and with it a new wacky idea... we're making a pilot for E4, and we thought it would probably turn out better if you would help us. So how's about it? Sidle over to the blog for more. ... See the Rest

thisisaknife: French Maids TV

We're back! With a new easily digestible, slimline, fortnightly show, while we work on a knife that could well be bigger and better than your wildest fantasies. Meanwhile: the maids at French Maids TV insult Donal's appearance. (Be our Myspace friend) ... See the Rest

thisisaknife: Christmas Special

It's Christmas time, so it's time to put on a big red suit. A big red matador suit, that is. (Read our blog!) ... See the Rest

thisisaknife: Beatboxing Special

The money isn't making itself this Christmas. That's why Donal garners the services of Beardyman – the number-one beatboxer in the UK – to make him some money. Don't forget to read our blog. ... See the Rest

thisisaknife: Wii Three Kings

This week: a completely uncomprehensive review of the Nintendo Wii. And Donal gets sick and ill. Don't forget to have a look at our blog. ... See the Rest