There’s an App for That: Movie Cron


A friend of a friend of an email buddy sent me a link to an app he's created. When you're a blogger, you get a lot of that. I usually give it a cursory glance and respond with a hearty "good luck" and move on. But this kid's name was Cam, and Cams are usually cute (Modern Family notwithstanding), and the more I read his letter and looked at the ... See the Rest

Million Dollar Listing Cutie Makes Star Map App


Stalking your favorite celebrities just got that much easier! Beverly Hills Realtor and wowlebrity Josh Flagg has developed a cell phone app version of those sold-on-the-corner celebrity home maps called Star Maps, available for both Android and iPhones. It's a .99-cent mobile app that provides both navigational tools and background on the ... See the Rest

My Gay Go

"My Gay Go: For Gays on the Go." Now I'm not one for fancy gadgets, but I want My Gay Go! How amazeballs© to constantly be in the know of all things GAY. Granted I do not have an iPhone, but boy if I did! I saw them advertising this at San Diego pride this year and then today it was an info flyer on Facebook. It's like Facebook KNOWS I ... See the Rest