#HatefulTweets: OMG! The Westboro Baptist Church Tweeted The Wow Report!


OK, I have to sit down for a second. I just discovered that the Westboro Baptist Church Tweeted me, J.K. Rowling and The Wow Report after I wrote about their Twitter war with Rowling. My first direct encounter with pure evil via social media. On one hand I don't want to give ... See the Rest

#TheWowReport: Owen Wilson Says “Wow!” A LOT In Movies…


Apparently, the Owen Wilson (not brother Luke) really loves to say "wow" in his movies... and with lots of enthusiasm. A YouTube channel that seems dedicated to all things "Owen" named Owenergy Studios created this supercut of the actor's superior wow-factor... they want you to ... See the Rest

Milestone: It’s the WOW Report’s 50,000th Post! Check Out Our Top Ten Posts OF ALL TIME!


Fifty-thousand posts! Can you imagine? It seems like just yesterday that Stephen posted his first post. That was ten years ago. Or ten years and six months to be precise. March, 2004 is when the magic began. Back then, there was no Lady Gaga, no Justin Bieber, no Kardashians, No ... See the Rest

Tonight! Come to the WOW Report Mixer Celebrating Island Hunters!

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 9.52.48 AM

If you're in the Hollywood area this evening around 6-ish, drop by Boardner's for the first WOW Report Mixer of the season, celebrating our hit show Island Hunters. There'll be free booze and tiki music music and wowlebrities galore.... oh, and everyone's gonna get lei'd! I ... See the Rest

WOW Report Longer Reads


The rise and fall of Abercrombie & Fitch's nutty CEO Mike Jeffies in New York magazine. Speaking of borderline psychopaths, The Guardian profiles Katie Hopkins – the most hated woman in England. In the wake of JK Rowling's admission that she regrets pairing Ron and ... See the Rest

And the Nominees Are…

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 11.37.33 AM

Every month, the WOW Report will be nominating a favorite blog, Tumblr, Instagram, celebrity tweeter, and YouTuber for a coveted WOWIE AWARD. At the end of the year, we're going to have a FABULOUS CEREMONY and announce the winners. It's going to be YOOOGE (as Donald Trump says). ... See the Rest

Meet the Bloggers!


If you're in the Hollywood area this Thursday evening, come to our monthly WOW Report mixer for cocktails and fabulous chit-chat! Just RSVP to events@worldofwonder.net with your name! See you there! OMG YAY! ... See the Rest

Wikio and WOW

The WOW Report is pleased to be posting a preview of the Wikio Top Blogs rankings in the Celebrity category for March, which won't be published on the Wikio site until Friday. And we're even more pleased that the WOW Report has made a sweeping move up from the murky abyss of the ... See the Rest