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#WOWExclusive: The World Premier of The Avener’s “We Go Home”

Exclusive: Acclaimed French artist and producer ... See the Rest

#HatefulTweets: OMG! The Westboro Baptist Church Tweeted The Wow Report!

OK, I have to sit down for a second. I just discovered that the Westboro Baptist Church Tweeted me, J.K. Rowling and The Wow Report after See the Rest

#TheWowReport: Owen Wilson Says “Wow!” A LOT In Movies…

Apparently, the Owen Wilson (not brother Luke) really loves to say "wow" in his movies... and with lots of enthusiasm. A YouTube channel that ... See the Rest

Milestone: It’s the WOW Report’s 50,000th Post! Check Out Our Top Ten Posts OF ALL TIME!

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Tonight! Come to the WOW Report Mixer Celebrating Island Hunters!

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