About Those Drug Allegations Made Against Zayn Malik on the Today Show

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Zayn Malik is apparently furious over allegations made on live TV yesterday that he is having substance abuse issues. His One Direction bandmates are apparently furious that they were ambushed on air about it. And One Direction fans are furious at host Matt Lauer for going rogue ... See the Rest

Jessica Simpson Is Transitioning

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And why wouldn't she be? Jessica Simpson is just a Texas girl at heart, so of course she wants to take her husband's name and that she did. She told Matt Lauer on the Today Show yesterday that she is legally changing her name to Jessica Ann Johnson as soon as she goes to renew ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Elaine Stritch Drops An F-Bomb on Today

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The fabulous Elaine Stritch was on the fourth hour of The Today Show promoting the new documentary about her life, Shoot Me, when she dropped an F-Bomb. Kathie Lee was asking her about being censored… you can watch her reaction as well a Hoda holding her nose because Elaine's ... See the Rest

The Boys of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles on the Today Show This Morning


Looking good and feeling gorgeous, boys! Remember to tune into Bravo tomorrow night at 9/8c for the season 6 premiere of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles! (Pictures via Josh Altman and Madison's Instagrams. Click to enlarge.) ... See the Rest

Luis D Ortiz on The Today Show

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Million Dollar Listing New York's Luis D Ortiz looking absolutely adorable on the set of The Today Show today. (Photo via Luis' Instagram) ... See the Rest

Bodily Harm Outside Today Today


A man slashed his wrists and forearms in Rockefeller Center outside the Today show studio this morning as Matt Lauer and Savanah Guthrie were live-broadcasting and chatting with folks in that way they have. The slashing was not aired on the program, but it was captured on a ... See the Rest



Omgomgomg. HOW ADORABLE. CC the Sloth from the Staten Island zoo getting her makeup done before an appearance on the Today Show. For real. (via BuzzFeed) ... See the Rest

64 Is the New 40

Actress Bernadette Peters makes her way into the "Today Show" in New York City stopping along the way to play with dog friends

AARP-reading, Centrum Silver-using, Metamucil-chugging sexagenarian Bernadette Peters arrives for an appearance on the Today Show, looking EXACTLY the same as she did in films like The Jerk, Silent Movie, and Annie. Weird. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest