Who’s Bad?: “Future” Bieber Advises Himself

You've seen the brat Bieber's deposition tape. Well, future Justin and future FUTURE Justin have some advice for current Justin and, it's not so surprising, really.See the Rest

Condragulations! RuPaul Receives Award from “Joel McHole”

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The Soup: RuPaul’s Community College and Vocational Training

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Tune for Today: “We Ruined the World”

Wowlebrities Shangela and Madison Hildebrand joined American Idol's Sanjaya, I Love New York's New York, Survivor's Jerri Manthey, Gigalos' Brace the Face, The Bachelor's Charlie O'Connell, Ron Jeremy, Flavor of Love's Becky Buck Wild, Survivor's Rob, The Real Housewives of ... See the Rest

Kylie Minogue Eating Doritos Off of Joe Manganiello

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Rejoice Mothertuckers!

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RuPaul’s Bible Study

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So Meaty!

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