Watch Transformations with Queen Bianca Del Rio!

Yeeeeeeesss! We got Bianca Del Rio! And such fortuitous timing! Who knew she'd be a winner when we booked her last month? Bless her heart, though. She came in early on a Sunday morning, after performing late the night before, and beat my mug in the 100 degree heat of the WOW ... See the Rest


... See the Rest

‘Nuff Said

I don't even think this needs accompanying commentary, do you? ... See the Rest

Calen-duh TONIGHT!

Tonight is one of those nights you get a chance to hear fascinating people and see fascinating films. See the Rest

Queen Madonna Proof Sheet

To me? This is like seeing the Mona Lisa in all different phases of posing for the masterpiece. As we know, this was the shoot for True Blue, but how amazing ... See the Rest

The Queen

My God, I adore this picture. She keeps me focused physically on what is indeed possible at the age of 53. You can say whatever you want about her doing stuff to her face, but ... See the Rest

Now We Can Walk Like Virgins Again

Madonna, in conjunction with her Truth or Dare Product line, has also made a deal with Aldo Shoes to release a line of footwear. The line ... See the Rest


During James St. James' recent visit to Otter Magic at Burgundy House, he had an extended interview (and spot-on Tarot reading!) with the legendary See the Rest