A New ENDA Push?

Gay rights advocates are pushing for a Senate hearing and committee vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). The act would prohibit discrimination on ... See the Rest

Shameful Silence

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The Fierce Advocate and 17 Months of Cowardice

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What the President Should Be Doing on Presidents’ Day

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Pelosi Steps Up as Obama Continues to Cower

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Obama Still “Evolving”

Yesterday was a big day. ... See the Rest

The Politics of Cowardice

httpv://youtu.be/q02f9k-0UQw President Obama's pathetic and cowardly "evolution" on the issue of equality continues. One reporter sarcastically asked the press secretary if the president needs a book on evolution to help him along with the process. When asked if the president ... See the Rest

Pelosi to Obama: Support Gay Marriage!

At a time when several more states (See the Rest