A New ENDA Push?

Obama Quiet on ENDA

Gay rights advocates are pushing for a Senate hearing and committee vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). The act would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in America’s workforce. It is still legal to fire a person from their job simply because they are gay in 29 states across America; in ... See the Rest

Shameful Silence

Obama Prop 8

The contributing editor of Americablog, Joe Sudbay, has a great article on Huffingtonpost entitled “Mr. President, It's Been 500 Days... Evolve Already!” Sudbay was the reporter whose interview with President Obama first mentioned that the president’s views on marriage equality would “evolve." And unlike Obama, Sudbay wastes no time in taking the ... See the Rest

The Fierce Advocate and 17 Months of Cowardice


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa joined House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and 22 other Senators who have now stated their support for a marriage equality plank to be included in the Democratic Party Platform. But our so called fierce advocate, President Obama, continues to remain silent. And yesterday Obama’s campaign chief, Jim Messina, was ... See the Rest

What the President Should Be Doing on Presidents’ Day

Sign The ENDA order Now!

The new advocacy group, Freedom to Work, has a great op-ed piece on Huffingtonpost Gay Voices entitled We Can’t Wait: How Obama Can Stop Discrimination Now that adds to the growing calls from gay advocacy groups for President Obama to sign the ENDA executive order: “With just the stroke of his pen, President Obama can add enforceable LGBT workplace ... See the Rest

Pelosi Steps Up as Obama Continues to Cower


Freedom to Marry recently announced that they were going to start pushing the Democrats to actually live up to their rhetoric on equality.  If the Democrats really support the full equality of Gay and Lesbian citizens then marriage equality should be an official part of the Democratic Party Platform. And yesterday Freedom to Marry scored quite the ... See the Rest

Obama Still “Evolving”


Yesterday was a big day. Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional and nearly everyone was talking about it – almost everyone that is. LGBT advocacy organizations sang the praises of the 9th Circuit Court while anti-gay groups and some Republican presidential candidates decried the ruling as judicial overreach. But what did our so-called “fierce advocate” ... See the Rest

The Politics of Cowardice

Carney 001

httpv://youtu.be/q02f9k-0UQw President Obama's pathetic and cowardly "evolution" on the issue of equality continues. One reporter sarcastically asked the press secretary if the president needs a book on evolution to help him along with the process. When asked if the president plans to mention marriage equality in his upcoming State of the Union ... See the Rest

Pelosi to Obama: Support Gay Marriage!


At a time when several more states (Washington, New Jersey, and Illinois) have decided to push for marriage equality for gay and lesbians, our so-called “fierce advocate” of a president still refuses to support full equality or “evolve” past his bigoted religious beliefs that marriage is a sacred union meant only for a man and a woman. This has ... See the Rest