#SNL: Martin Freeman Combines Roles In “The Office: Middle Earth”

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Martin Freeman hosting Saturday Night Live, combined two of his better known roles — Bilbo Baggins from “The Hobbit” trilogy and Tim Canterbury from BBC’s “The Office.” "Umm, what have I been up to? I went on a quest and saved Middle-earth. I became a bit of a hero. Did the noble thing and turned down loads of treasure. Yeah, so the brave Hobbit ... See the Rest

It Gets Fuller: Nick Offerman on the Heartbreak of In-Between Mustaches


Parks and Rec's Offerman counsels the guys from The Office on growing a thick 'stache for Movember. ... See the Rest

The Mindy 500


The Office star Mindy Kaling racing down a New York City street, narrowly avoiding being hit by cabs. It's a scene for her upcoming TV series, which doesn't have a name yet, and we're too tired this morning to suggest something clever. ... See the Rest


john 001

Going through the security process at the Los Angeles airport yesterday looked to be no big deal for your favorite Office worker John Krasinski. Meanwhile, dat ass. ... See the Rest

Ed Magaña’s Friday Vid Bits

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... See the Rest

Staff Infection


In this sketch from the best segment on last night's mildly entertaining Emmy awards show, The Office office is the set for TV characters confessing what they think is the most annoying part of their jobs. Best bits: Kim Kardashian, Tracy Morgan, and Jesse Pinkman, (Click on Gawker to watch the video) ... See the Rest

My new Office lover

Last night's season premiere of The Office featured Evan Peters (of Kick-Ass fame) as Michael Scott's OMG SO CUTE I WANT TO SKULLFUCK HIM nephew, Luke. Totally the only reason (other than Phyllis) to watch. (via TV.com) ... See the Rest

The Office Newguy

That new character introduced on The Office last night, the cute young redhead that office-gay Oscar has a crush on, is played by Sam Daly, the 25-year-old son of that other TV cute guy, Tim Daly, formerly of Wings and currently of Private Practice. According to the Guy TV Blog, the junior Daly will have a recurring role on The Office which could ... See the Rest