Morning Ham and Cheese

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Tori Spelling was on the Today show yesterday promoting her yummy party-planning book CelebraTORI. Sarah Palin was also on – co-hosting. Sort of. Just as Tori was poised to share her amazing baked ham and brie en croute, Palin ambled in. I guess we'll never know why Tori didn't just grab that champagne bottle from the bucket on the left and whack ... See the Rest

Sophie’s Choice: ‘Bucky Larson’ or ‘Jack and Jill’

OK, here's the situation: I have electrodes up your rectum, a gun to your grandmother's head, and Willow Smith just outside your bedroom door ready to beatbox all night long – unless you see one of these two movies. I won't lie to you, they both look DREADFUL. But you have to pick one. Watch the two trailers IN THEIR ENTIRETY and tell me which you ... See the Rest

What to Screen for Halloween: The WOW Staff’s Rental Recommendations

The World of Wonder family of staffers will be watching any number of the films listed below on Sunday night. They rank among our favorite-ever fright flicks:  Let the Right One In; Videodrome;  Hanna Montana: The Movie; Teeth; Halloween (1978); The Descent; Sleepaway Camp; The Brood; The Changeling (1980); Rosemary's Baby; Hocus Pocus; The ... See the Rest

Hey, that’s right!

Not to get all screechy about it, but Barbara Walters had no problem showing Gaga's girl-on-girl kiss during last night's 10 Most Interesting People of 2009 special, but once again made a HUGE point about not showing Adam's boy-on-boy kiss. Gaga's video kiss from "Bad Romance," if you recall, was not blurred, not censored, nor made a big deal of. ... See the Rest

Happy Wednesday!

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I would tell you myself but it's just too upsetting. ... See the Rest