Street Artist Skid Robot Paints “Homes” for LA’s Homeless

Straddling the line between installation art and graffiti, the anonymous street artist Skid Robot has been going around Los Angeles’ skid row spray painting imaginary homes for  homeless people while they sleep (and leaving care packages for them when they wake up). I've seen ... See the Rest

Homeless Spikes Are Now a Thing

Treating the homeless like pigeons is an odious solution to an increasingly common problem, of course, but it seems "homeless spikes" have been popping up in London and other major cities more and more lately, preventing vagrants from sleeping in doorways, ledges, and stoops. ... See the Rest

Snap!: Jennifer Connelly

Here we have the lovely and talented Jennifer Connelly playing a homeless woman on the set of Shelter in New York City. Directed by her husband Paul Bettany, Connelly plays "a homeless woman who ... See the Rest

Chad Michael Murray Goes Method for New Role

Method? Or meth head? The former pretty boy tweeted this pic saying, "No filter, just homeless... Rad! Just ... See the Rest

Justin Addresses the Wedding Video Scandal in an Open Letter to His Fans

Justin Timberlake has issued a formal apology on his website for the distasteful wedding video mocking homeless ... See the Rest

Hollywood Trash

(Photo: Thairin Smothers) ... See the Rest

Mac Attack

WOW employee Steve Nugent had just popped off to the McDonald's at Hollywood and Highland for a #3 and a yogurt parfait, only to discover when he got there that a hobo had climbed up onto the counter and decided to take a nap. All in a day's work, I'm sure, at one of the toughest ... See the Rest