The Intervention

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Animal Addicts: Dolphins Get High on Puffer Fish

Duuuuude. Check THIS out. Young, stoner dolphins are believed to manipulate puffer fish to release their nerve toxins... ON PORPOISE! From The ... See the Rest


Hot New Trend Bubbling Up: Shamboiling

Cue the media freakout. Shamboiling, also referred to as bubbling, is allegedly the latest teen fad getting the internet up in arms. Like jenkem ... See the Rest


The Kerry Roan Gif Shop

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The High Life: Venom Addicts

A fascinating mini-documentary from Vice Magazine about a man named Steve Ludwin who's been mainlining deadly snake venom for over 20 years... and ... See the Rest

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Mac Responds to Rumors

A rep for Macaulay Culkin says the National Enquirer's headline story, claiming that the Party Monster cutie is addicted to heroin and oxycodone, is ... See the Rest

Tara Reid relaxes on a luxury yacht with twins John and Edward Grimes from the UK 'X Factor' band Jedward in Saint Tropez


Tara Reid with her best pals Jedward motor out to a yacht in St Tropez. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest


Medicinal, I’m Sure

Gaga, not really caring about the papa-paparazzi. (via philtbh) ... See the Rest