New Street Drug Alert! Flaaka aka “Five-Dollar Insanity”

New drug sweeping the streets of... where else?... Florida. It's called Flaaka and users say it's "STRONGER THAN CRYSTAL METH" (greeeeeat) ... See the Rest

#TheHighLife: Your Brain on ‘Shrooms

The cuties from ASAPScience look at the science behind magic mushrooms: What causes good trips, what are the chances of having a bad trip, and what is really going on in your brain when you're trippin' balls? "Though not considered clinically addictive and thought to be less ... See the Rest

Doin’ Time in Times Square: Reliving the Squalor, 1981-1983

Forty minutes of seedy Times Square footage that movie director Charlie Ahearn shot from his apartment building on 43rd Street from 1981 to 1983 (aka THE REALLY FUN, DANGEROUS YEARS). Drug dealers argue with clients, hookers get in fights with their pimps, people get mugged, ... See the Rest

#CurrentMood: Eartha Kitt Sings “When It Ends”

Uh. May. Zing. The incomparable Eartha Kitt let's you HAVE IT in this song from 2000 Broadway show The Wild Party. Listen to it now. I'll wait. Trust me. It's the kind of song that can change your life. ... See the Rest

Your Brain on MDMA

AsapScience give you a quick tutorial on the science of highs and lows (and medical applications) of Ecstasy. When you pop a Molly, they ... Watch Now

15 Best Movie Party Scenes

Growing up in dreary old Michigan, my idea of adulthood was always the party scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. That’s the life I longed for. That’s the world I belonged in. I lived vicariously through cinematic party scenes ... See the Rest

Susan Sarandon Prefers Mushrooms to Acid When She’s at Burning Man

When asked if she ever used psychedelics while attending Nevada's Burning Man Festival, the 67-year-old actress told See the Rest

Disturbing Video of the Week: Meet Bruce Lee, The King of Romania’s Tunnel Underworld

NSFW! UK's Channel Four goes deep into the tunnels under Bucharest to explore a world populated by drug addicts, thieves, runaways, and all manner of society'e cast-offs. Wait. Did I say tunnels? I mean panic-inducing crawlspaces and narrow cravasses and tiny, interconnected ... See the Rest