Lost In Music: UK Photo Exhibit Documents 40 Years of Dance Music and Club Culture

Fab images from the "Lost in Music" exhibit at theprintspace in Shoreditch, documenting the wide-eyed and sweaty history of dance music and club culture from its beginning to present day. The show features over 500 images, ... See the Rest

Celebrity Chef Caught Cutting Lines of Blow on Morning TV

TV chef Ľubomír Herko was caught cutting up a line of suspicious white powder during a ... See the Rest

MUST WATCH: A Drug Deal Told Through 160 Movie Titles

A drug deal goes down between a stoner and his dealer in this odd little video – but no other words are said except titles of movies, which you can follow along with the movie posters inside. Brooklyn-based comedy group POYKPAC partnered with the Fine Brothers to make it. Weird, ... See the Rest

#TheHighLife: Watch a Christmas Elf Wrap Gifts on Cocaine, LSD, and Ketamine

WARNING: Not for everyone. But, here's the set-up: Over the course of two days in December, cutie-patootie Sam Briggs ran a gift-wrapping stall raising money for charity. Over that period, he took acid, K, and what appears to be a shit-ton of coke. The people who ... See the Rest

The Heart-Stopping Glamour of Donald & Ivana Trump in the 1980s

Sure, he was a "short-fingered vulgarian" with weird hair even back then, but there was something compelling about Donald Trump in the 1980s, when he burst onto the New York social ... See the Rest

Buffy Star Nicholas Brendan Back in Rehab AGAIN

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Can Ecstasy Help Treat Autism? Well, OBVIOUSLY

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Naked, Bloody Teen Claiming to be Satan Goes on Flakka-Fueled Rampage

Another gripping tale of Flakka abuse in Florida. The synthetic drug – which causes delusional and often aggressive "zombie-like" behavior – has been responsable for a number of outrageous arrests ... See the Rest