Can Ecstasy Help Treat Autism? Well, OBVIOUSLY

Ecstasy tablets

An article in Psychiatry Advisor wonders if MDMA (Ecstasy) could be taken for the treatment of social anxiety in autistic individuals. Uh, I'm going out on a limb here and saying YES. That the infamous "hug drug" could be used to help autistic people with impaired social and ... See the Rest

Naked, Bloody Teen Claiming to be Satan Goes on Flakka-Fueled Rampage

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Another gripping tale of Flakka abuse in Florida. The synthetic drug – which causes delusional and often aggressive "zombie-like" behavior – has been responsable for a number of outrageous arrests in recent months, from the tree-fucking man who claimed to be Thor to the man who ... See the Rest

The Bling Ring’s Alexis Neiers Is Now a Doula

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Fascinating interview in Ravishly with Pretty Wild star/Bling Ring leader Alexis Neiers who talks extensively about her wild child past (smoking 20 Oxycontin a day when her addiction was at its worst), and says The Bling Ring was "mostly bullshit and didn't portray her right at ... See the Rest

“God” Has Sex with a Tree While High on Flakka, Assaults Police Officers

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Another day, another looney story coming out of Florida about a deranged Flakka user. A man in Melbourne, Florida – high on the new synthetic drug and calling himself God –  attacked a police officer when he was discovered having sex with a tree. HA! reports ... See the Rest

STOP EVERYTHING: Is Rihanna Snorting Coke in this New Instagram Video?

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Two friends dance while Rihanna sits with a straw in the background. The camera pans away, then returns to Rihanna as she makes the international "just did coke" nose gesture. No judgements, she's a big girl. She can do what she wants. I'm more irritated with the camera guy who ... See the Rest

Flakka Use On the Rise: 3 New Cases in Ft Lauderdale this Week


Stories about the new street drug Flakka – aka SUPER-METH! – keep popping up in the Florida media. Flakka, as we reported last week,  is a street drug with an amphetamine-like ingredient that causes paranoia, hallucinations, and the perception of super-human strength. Police in ... See the Rest

New Street Drug Alert! Flaaka aka “Five-Dollar Insanity”


New drug sweeping the streets of... where else?... Florida. It's called Flaaka and users say it's "STRONGER THAN CRYSTAL METH" (greeeeeat) and can be "injected, snorted, smoked, swallowed or taken with other substances like marijuana."  It's usually made from the chemical ... See the Rest

#TheHighLife: Your Brain on ‘Shrooms

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The cuties from ASAPScience look at the science behind magic mushrooms: What causes good trips, what are the chances of having a bad trip, and what is really going on in your brain when you're trippin' balls? "Though not considered clinically addictive and thought to be less ... See the Rest