#Grammys: Hello?! I Cannot Sia Thing…

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Quote Unquote: Kirk Cameron


"How did you like the Grammys all out assault on the traditional family?" Cameron asked his 1.4 million Facebook followers. "The lines were drawn thick and dark. Now more than ever, we must work together to create the world we want for our children." -Kirk Cameron, mixing his slam of the Grammy marriages with a plug for his latest film Mercy Rule ... See the Rest

Oh, Lorde!: At The Grammys Without Autotune

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What can you say? Some people can sing – others can't. (t/y Vanessa) ... See the Rest

Rerun: “Get Lucky” With Soul Train

Video thumbnail for youtube video Rerun: "Get Lucky" With Soul Train - World of Wonder

I think with Daft Punk winning the big honors at last night's Grammys, it's a good time to revisit an old friend. Yes, it's been posted everywhere and this version has nearly 4 million views but I could watch it 20 more times. (Do you think The Robots can do the robot?) ... See the Rest

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Michael Jackson's transformation in one picture. #Iconic pic.twitter.com/cy9MMCp7e2 — Marlon (@MarlonMinaj) January 27, 2014 ... See the Rest


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From my buddy @jason_mraz; "Nanny Razz & I wish our friend @sarabareilles good luck at #thegrammyawards tonight." (via Instagram) ... See the Rest

La Toya’s Pre-Grammys Purple Reign

This past weekend was a twirlwind of Grammy parties and pre-Grammy parties in Hollywood and thereabouts. Levi's served up Frank Ocean for the denim-clad fashionista set; Clive Davis paid homage to Whitney one year later (though Mother Cissy was definitely not participating) at his annual bash, and at The Bazaar in Bev Hills, former rap ... See the Rest

Typical Post-Grammys Party Antics


"Sarah... Stahp!" ... See the Rest