Theo James’ Responds to a Reporter’s Flattery

When a reporter tells Divergent star Theo James he has a great face, his response is absolutely epic. ... See the Rest

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Teen Wolf News: Dylan O’Brien Opens Up About his “Sensitive Gag Reflex” and Daniel Sharman Reaveals He’s LEAVING THE SHOW

Hokycrap. I can't decide which story is more important. BOTH are MAJORLY LIFE CHANGING. Both have FAR-REACHING IMPLICATIONS. Which should we discuss ... See the Rest

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Devon Bostick Is EVERYTHING: My Review of The 100

My analysis of last night's big CW premiere of The 100, plus about a hundred GIFs of Devon Bostwick , after the jump. ... See the Rest


“Look at the Flowers, Lizzie” – The Walking Dead’s Most Gut-Wrenching Episode EVER

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen last night's Walking Dead episode "The Grove" do not read any further.  ... See the Rest

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The GIFs of Gaga Being Puked On You Need to See

During her SXSW performance, the ever-inspiring Lady Gaga had a girl come onstage and vomit on her because ARTPOP. Here are the GIFs. ... See the Rest


The Best Jared Leto GIFs of ALL TIME

Here it is: The ultimate collection of Jared Leto GIFs to get your weekend started.  ... See the Rest

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Check Out Matthew Mcconaughey Teasing Leonardo DiCaprio

A post-Oscar GIF after the jump.  ... See the Rest

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Louis Tomlinson’s Hair Needs Your Attention

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson seems to be taking his style cues from Christian Bale in American Hustle. Check out the GIFS after the jump. ... See the Rest