#FutureHusband: One of the Carver Twins Has Come Out Of the Closet!!!!

Teen Wolf/Desperate Housewives/The Leftovers cutie patootie Charlie Carver, one half of the WORLD FAMOUS Carver ... See the Rest

ABC Debuts Trailer for Upcoming Fall Show “The Family” and I’m Already OBSESSED

A boy, long presumed dead, returns to his family after 10 years. And yet... something's off. Is it really him? And if it isn't, does his ambitious mother EVEN CARE? You havetohavetohaveto watch this trailer for the upcoming series The Family starring the ... See the Rest

The Most Important News of the Day: David Archuleta Is Back from His Missionary Work

Singing cartoon dimple David Archuleta has just returned from a two-year Mormon mission in Chile. Has it really been two years? Seems like yesterday he was Watch Now

Celebrity Roundup

Smoldering Twisted star (and future Mrs St James) Avan Jogia ... See the Rest

I Can’t Believe I Have to Watch an Episode of Last Man Standing Now

Omg you guys, it's JTT! The only boy I'll ever love! And he looks SENSATIONAL! Well, doable. He talks to People about his TRIUMPHANT return to television in that Tim ... See the Rest

Afternoon Male Call/ Great Hairdids/ Hot Look of the Day

... See the Rest

Your Daily Awwww

It's the tearjerking audition that has everone talking today. When super-adorable 21-year-old ice cream scooper Lazaro Arbos of Miami stood on the American Idol stage last night, he was barely able to communicate due his profound stutter. In the intro package, his parents ... See the Rest

Oh, Thank God:
Richard Engel Has Been Freed

After five days of captivity in Syria, cutie-patootie super-reporter Richard Engel and three of his crew members have been freed. According to the New York Times: "While ... See the Rest