Monkeys with Drones: WHAT IS GOING ON in This Mysterious New Ad?

A group of baboons reenact the Dawn of Man scene from 2001 Space Odyssey in the strange new ad for 3D Robotics. In the spot called the “Dawn of the Aerial Age,” a bunch of monkeys are running around on some rocks. One of them has a briefcase with ancient ... See the Rest

The Story of R32 – A Sad Robot Looking for Friends in a Cold, Cruel World

This seems to be a new genre of short films: sad robots having existential crisises. We've featured shorts about a rapidly declining robot wandering the desert and See the Rest

‘Borg Chic: Robot Spider Dress

See the Rest

The Future Is Now: Cicret Bracelet Turns Your Arm Into A Touchscreen

A Paris-based design company has designed a bracelet that projects the screen of your smartphone directly onto your wrist. It's like a tablet... but on your skin! Pretty cool stuff. Currently in the prototype phase, the See the Rest

OMOTE: Electronic Makeup for the Future!

“OMOTE” is an art installation of "living makeup" by producer Nobumichi Asai featuring "real-time face tracking and projection mapping." Essentially, it's a digital makeover that ... Watch Now

Think You Can’t Lose Your Job to a Robot? Think Again

We are at the beginning of the robot revolution, folks, with robots becoming faster and cheaper every year. The implications, according to this video, are terrifying. If you think you're job is safe, you're fooling yourself. Labor jobs, white collar jobs, even creative arts jobs ... Watch Now

The Future Has Arrived: Google Rolls Out Self-Driving Car

Google unveiled their first self-driving car yesterday and it's ADORABLE. Like a little anime Smart Car, with no gas pedal, no brakes, and no steering wheel. WAIT. REALLY? Yeah. "They don't have them because they don't need them," Google said Tuesday See the Rest

Pizza Delivery Drone a Real Thing in Mumbai

The future is now. At Francesco's Pizzeria in Mumbai, India, a simple online order for pizza is processed and moments later a drone is whizzing off to deliver it. Never mind that the delivery charge is probably astronomical (though the guy in the penthouse doesn't seem worried), ... See the Rest