How We Will Die: Large Asteroid Impact Simulation (Set to the Music of Pink Floyd)

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Shockwaves! Blasting debris! Firestorms! All of life INSTANTLY VAPORIZED! The earth's demise isn't going to be pretty, but the soundtrack is freakin' AWESOME. Anselmo la Manna has combined a devastating computer simulation of a massive 310-mile-wide asteroid impacting the Earth with the Pink Floyd song “The Great Gig in the Sky.” ... Watch Now

Doomsday Scenario: We’re All Going to Die From AIRBORNE Ebola


Um.... not to be an alarmist but: According to the UN's Ebola response chief, the longer the Ebola epidemic continues infecting people unabated, the higher the chances it will mutate and become AIRBORNE. And then where will we all be? DEAD WITHIN A YEAR. Anthony Banbury, the Secretary General's Special Representative, told the Telegraph that aid ... See the Rest

Soft Robot Slithers Through Fire and Gets Run Over By a Car – And Continues Its Inexorable March Toward Robo-Domination

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Skynet called. They want their Terminator T-800 prototype back. Harvard University has created an unnerving soft quadrupedal robot whose "silicone body is innately resilient to a variety of adverse environmental conditions including snow, puddles of water, direct (albeit limited) exposure to flames, and the crushing force of being run over by an ... Watch Now

Mysterious Black Ring in the Skies Over England! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!


Somebody alert the Doctor! Something weird is happening in England! A young girl took this video of a bizarre black ring, floating like a cloud over Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Local weather experts are saying it doesn't have anything to do with the weather, while firefighters are saying there were no fires around the time of the sighting. So ... See the Rest

Bad Omen OTD


Uh-oh. Two children standing with Pope Francis on the balcony of the Apostolic Palace released white doves into the air as a gesture of peace. Immediately, both birds were attacked by other birds. Reports the AP: "As tens of thousands of people watched in St. Peter's Square on Sunday, a seagull and a large black crow swept down on the doves ... See the Rest

And So It Begins: Scientists Invent Internet for Robots


We all know the story. How the machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire. That their war to exterminate mankind raged for decades, but the final battle started here, in our present. And it begins TODAY. Scientists in Europe have put together a "standardised knowledge base for robots," through which robots can exchange information with other ... See the Rest



The supposed end of the world is on a FRIDAY? ... See the Rest

The December 20th Gif Shop


... See the Rest