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Snap!: Jared Leto Arrives in Los Angeles for the Oscars

Clouds break, the angels sing, and all is right with the world as Jared Leto deplanes at LAX. The Oscar shoo-in can't hide his beauty under a hoodie, ... See the Rest


Jared Leto Has Some High-Heeled Advice

Jared Leto's latest role, in The Dallas Buyer's Club, as a transsexual drug dealer is a part he perfected with the input of transgendered women. He ... See the Rest


Look At Her

Awright, Miss Jared! He actually looks gorgeous here in a Kristen McMenamy type of way. The Dallas Buyers Club looks very interesting indeed. (Photo: ... See the Rest


They Went to Jared

Jared Leto has returned to acting at long last with a role in the 1986-set movie The Dallas Buyers Club, the one with the emaciated Matthew ... See the Rest


The Incredible Shrinking Mac

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