Snap!: Jared Leto Arrives in Los Angeles for the Oscars

Clouds break, the angels sing, and all is right with the world as Jared Leto deplanes at LAX. The Oscar shoo-in can't hide his beauty under a hoodie, indeed, he looks every inch the icon he is. ... See the Rest

Jared Leto Has Some High-Heeled Advice

Jared Leto's latest role, in The Dallas Buyer's Club, as a transsexual drug dealer is a part he perfected with the input of transgendered women. He said ... See the Rest

Look At Her

Awright, Miss Jared! He actually looks gorgeous here ... See the Rest

They Went to Jared

Jared Leto has returned to acting at long last with a role in the 1986-set movie The Dallas Buyers Club, the one with the emaciated Matthew McConaughey. So here's Terry Richardson's muse done up in drag on the New Orleans set. Actually, we're not completely sure this is his ... See the Rest

The Incredible Shrinking Mac

Matthew McConaughey, caught with a jumbo coffee on the New Orleans set of The Dallas Buyers Club, is fast approaching his birth weight. As you may have heard, in the film set in 1986 he plays a man stricken with AIDS who smuggles untested anti-viral meds from around the world. ... See the Rest