The Carver Twins Stuff Themselves Into the Same Ruffled Track Suit

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It's my Hot Look of the Day. Charlie and Max Carver (of Teen Wolf/Desperate Housewives/and The Leftovers fame) did a raaaaaather random photo shoot with the inexplicably-still-not-in-jail Terry Richardson. Pictures included some twincest-y shots of the boys in leather,  Charlie ... See the Rest

My Favorite Halloween Costumes (So Far)

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The Charlie Carver Gif Shop


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The Teen Wolf Gif Shop: Charlie Carver on That Gay Love Scene


"It’s been great [acting with Keahu]," he went on to say. "You know, it’s been a really fun story, and even when it’s been – like, a love scene is always weird to shoot – but Keahu and I just laugh the entire time. It was actually a more comfortable day than you would think." ... See the Rest

The Teen Wolf Cast at Comic-Con


(via Instagram) ... See the Rest

Teen Wolf: Danny and Ethan in Love


Here's the hi-def version of Monday night's Teen Wolf big homo love scene, along with some gifs of the gay Frankenberry dealing with the demon in his belly (don't you hate those?). I hate to admit it, but I'm kind of crushing on the kid. Danny and Ethan are sweet together. I like ... See the Rest

The Carver Twins at Teen Wolf Boot Camp


It's hard being a young wolf. Charlie and Max bulk up to play the new Alpha twins on the show which starts REALLY SOON OMGOMGOMG! (via Teen Wolf) ... See the Rest

First Look: The Carver Twins on Teen Wolf


Lynette and Tom's little boys on Desperate Housewives are all grown up and have joined the cast of Teen Wolf as sexy teen werewolves from the new Alpha pack. Their characters Ethan and Aiden are described as being “dangerous charmers with brilliant minds" – who are frequently ... See the Rest