Gwyneth Paltrow Named People‘s Most Beautiful Woman

Gwyneth Paltrow topped the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain to be given the title of World's Most Beautiful Woman according to People ... See the Rest


Mark Ronson’s New Fendi Campaign

The dapper DJ poses with Russian supermodel Anja Rubik in the back of a limousine surrounded by paparazzi. The British producer is the face of Fendi's ... See the Rest



Looking like he'd maybe been reading too many blind items about himself, a grim-looking David Beckham escorts wife Victoria into Simon Fuller's ... See the Rest


Big Thought of the Day

Omg, little Alexander Skarsgard's face is just KILLING me. (via Norman Reedus)     ... See the Rest

beautiful people looking beautiful

"ZaNessa" out and looking radiant at last night's Nylon/YouTube Young Hollywood party at the Roosevelt Hotel. Damn, he is positively beatific, isn't ... See the Rest

One last look

Sigh. If only she wasn't wearing a placemat, this picture would be absolute perfection.  ... See the Rest

When party lists collide

Last night New York's A-list met the craZEE list at the premiere of the Museum of Modern Art's "Bill Cunnigham New York" exhibit. Anna Wintour ... See the Rest

If you’re going to sell yourself off to a Russian billionaire…

... he might as well look like THIS. Naomi Campbell's super-hot sugar daddy Vladislav Voronin cuts a rather dashing figure, as the two of them head ... See the Rest