If Maurice Sendak Created the Avengers

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Says artist AgarthanGuide on deviantart: "Two things on my mind toady – RIP Maurice Sendak. Yay Avengers." So he mashed the two thoughts together and the result is ridiculously fabulous, I must say, and would make a helluva t-shirt. (Click to enlarge. No really. It looks WAY COOLER.) ... See the Rest

The Avengers Manicure


A manicuriosity. Trending. (via imgur) ... See the Rest

The Chris Hemsworth Gif Shop


... See the Rest

The Avengers’ Best Scene (Animated)


Not technically a spoiler alert as everybody on the entire planet has already seen it. ... See the Rest

Two Things

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                      The absolutely adorable Target commercial with the lil Avengers and the somewhat less adorable State Farm commercial with the low-rent Avengers ... See the Rest

$200 Million


(Art by Louis Cannizzaro) ... See the Rest

The Avengers Sneak: Inside Iron Man Tony Stark’s Penthouse


The penthouse set was built on a soundstage in New Mexico; views outside of the Chrysler Building were added digitally. There are soft touches like shag rug and orchids because Tony is in a relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper. According to the film's art director, William Hunter, that's a prototype helmet from the first Iron Man suit on the ... See the Rest

Chris Hemsworth Promoting The Avengers of the Day


There's a slight Night at the Roxbury vibe about this guy, isn't there? Like a lingering trail of Axe Body Spray follows in his wake, and "What Is Love" is always playing in the background whereever he goes? But that's part of his appeal, I guess. He's hot. And you don't date Chris Hemsworth to discuss string theory or the latest episode of Girls. ... See the Rest