Of course the internet would somehow mix cats with the Avengers. (Via See the Rest


the avengers film set 4 020911

A pic from The Avengers set, and I just want to point out how Jeremy Renner is standing. Werk. ... See the Rest

If Maurice Sendak Created the Avengers

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Says artist AgarthanGuide on deviantart: "Two things ... See the Rest

The Avengers Manicure


A manicuriosity. Trending. (via imgur) ... See the Rest

The Chris Hemsworth Gif Shop


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The Avengers’ Best Scene (Animated)


Not technically a spoiler alert as everybody on the entire planet has already seen it. ... See the Rest

Two Things

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                      The absolutely adorable Target commercial with the lil Avengers and the somewhat less adorable State Farm commercial with the low-rent Avengers ... See the Rest

$200 Million


(Art by Louis Cannizzaro) ... See the Rest