The Avengers Manicure

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The Chris Hemsworth Gif Shop

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The Avengers’ Best Scene (Animated)

Not technically a spoiler alert as everybody on the entire planet has already seen it. ... See the Rest

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Two Things

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$200 Million

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The Avengers Sneak: Inside Iron Man Tony Stark’s Penthouse

The penthouse set was built on a soundstage in New Mexico; views outside of the Chrysler Building were added digitally. There are soft touches like ... See the Rest


Chris Hemsworth Promoting The Avengers of the Day

There's a slight Night at the Roxbury vibe about this guy, isn't there? Like a lingering trail of Axe Body Spray follows in his wake, and "What Is ... See the Rest


Which Chris Hemsworth Is Your Favorite Chris Hemsworth?

For Cabin in the Woods, the Australian hunk cut his hair short and was beaten to a bloody pulp (which is always a good look on guys). For Snow White ... See the Rest