#RIP: Star of “The Artist”, Uggie

Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier died Tuesday after suffering from prostate cancer. Born in 2002, he narrowly avoided the dog pound as a puppy thanks to animal trainer Omar von ... See the Rest

Jean Dujardin: Big in France

The silent-but-deadly Oscar-winning star was seriously mobbed by fans and photogs today at Charles DeGaulle airport in Paris, where we suspect he will fade back into American obscurity. ... See the Rest

It’s ALL ABOUT Dash Pomerantz in 2012

I saw The Artist over the weekend and just LOVED IT, of course. What a delight. I ADORED the leading man, what's his name? Jean Dujardin. Yes, yes. Quite dashing. But my stardar really went PING over Peppy Miller's little blond boyfriend, you remember, with that big, wide face ... See the Rest